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High res images

this can be done like this: [[image:bla.png |100px |thumb |description]]

It would be nice if you could upload some higher resolution images for your pages. Mediawiki will autoamtically resizeit for you. You can write [[image:bla.png|400px]] to resize the images. There is also a thumb argument available which allows you to give image captions. Here are some examples:


Good luck hope I helped.. ;-) Erik Johansson 11:57, 28 March 2008 (UTC)

Done. Thanks.


Accommodation this weekend

For the 2nd International OSM Hack Weekend this weekend I can offer you some affordable (free) accommodation. I have a spare room in my place at the moment. Disadvantages: I live about 50 minutes journey from the cloudmade office here An easy tube ride, but not very close. Also I'm going to a rock gig in Camden on Saturday night, so that complicates things although I could just lend you some keys. ...otherwise let's see if you get some better offers (or a cheap hotel suggestion) but you should definitely head over to London if you're interested! -- Harry Wood 14:42, 3 November 2008 (UTC)

DTD API v.0.6

Could you please update to reflect current API? For instance, it doesn't mention object versions and uids at the moment.