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Kathmandu Living Labs

I note that you've just added an event in the Site's calendar template (partly shown on the home page of this wiki for ongoing events only or for events occuring in the next few weeks), with the date given as 20 november 2015.

However when looking at the KLL website, or even the presentation page on this wiki, I do not see anything related to this event or what it will be about. In fact all I found was on the KLL website and it was an event that occured at end of november 2014.

Did you add it because you read the KLL website and incorectly read the year in one of its news ? Do you participate locally to this project and plan to write something on its website or on the project presentation page on this wiki? Or is it just to remember that one year has passed since the last event and want to call for more participants ?

Note that this calendar is not made for presenting long term projects, only for news about coming events (where you want to advertize them to invite more participants on specific dates or recall them about the coming date).


Verdy_p (talk) 16:15, 10 November 2015 (UTC)