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Hi, regarding the "A Simple Railway Station" section, on remark: From what I saw in the French wiki page for railway=station, it seems there was a debate (in 2013) in France for 2 mapping techniques: 1: one node with the tag railway=station (placed regarding a passenger point of view) and one area tagged public_transport=station. 2: just one node, with either the railway=station or the public_transport=station tag. Putting the two tags seemed redundant. And the "Simple Railway" illustration seems to be in the "redundant case". What is your take on it Nakaner? -- unsigned, by Aristide

Every public_transport=* is a passengers' view on the infrastructure. railway=* is the tagging of the infrastructure. Correct tagging has to use both tags. railway=station and public_transport=station are not the same (not even if you add train=yes because public_transport=station can also be tagged on railway=halt (halts are places where trains stop but which do not have any switch; stations are places where trains stop and which have at least one switch). --Nakaner (talk) 19:46, 7 May 2015 (UTC)