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Overpass Abfrage für Schlauchomaten

Hi, erschrick nicht, ich habe deinen Beitrag soeben eine Ebene nach oben verschoben. Du findest ihn nun hier: Talk:WikiProject Germany/Schlauchomaten Gruß --Reneman (talk) 17:33, 9 June 2013 (UTC)

RFC Fire Hydrant Extensions (part 2)

Hallo User 5359, nachdem das Fire Hydrant Extensions Proposal nicht die nötige Mehrheit bekam, gibt es nun einen zweiten Teil: Fire Hydrant Extensions (part 2). Gerade läuft das RFC. Es wäre schön, wenn du mal drüber schauen könntest, ob deine Bedenken berücksichtigt wurden und ob du dieses Mal zustimmen kannst. --MoritzM (talk) 10:46, 29 October 2017 (UTC)


Hello! And sorry for bothering you, but descriptions of files you uploaded need to be improved.

You have uploaded files which are licensed as requiring attribution. But right now attribution is not specified properly.

Please, ask for help if something is confusing or unclear in this message.

Please, fix that problem with this uploads - note that images with unclear licensing situation may be deleted.

Attribution may be missing completely or just be specified in nonstandard way, in either case it needs to be improved. Note that using CC-BY files without specifying attribution is a copyright violation, which is often unethical and unwanted. So clearly specifying required attribution is needed if license which makes attribution mandatory was used.

If it is applying to your own work which not based on work by others - then you can select own user name or some other preferred attribution or even change license to for example {{CC0-self}}

For your own work: ensure that it is clearly stated at file page that you created image/took the photo/etc

For works by others - please ensure that there is link to the original source which confirms license and that you used proper attribution, or that source is clearly stated in some other way.

Especially for old OSM-baded maps, made from data before license change on 12 September 2012 you should use "map data © OpenStreetMap contributors" as at least part of attribution

For old OSM Carto maps, which predate license change on 12 September 2012 you can use a special template {{OSM Carto screenshot||old_license}}