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This template can be used for inserting a permanent link to a timetable on VRS-Internet for the year.

The template has to be formed every year when timetables are renewed.


  • {{/TimetableVRS|ref}}
    Simplest form for use in plain-text as an external standard link (display the ref number).
  • {{/TimetableVRS|2=internref-ref}}
    Enhanced form for dissenting intern ref.
  • {{/TimetableVRS|3=year_internref-ref-expansion}}
    Enhanced form for full name in with special year.
  • {{/TimetableVRS|ref|date=}}
    Enhanced form for timetable with start-date 01-01 in name.
  • {{/TimetableVRS|ref|date=month-day}}
    Enhanced form for updated timetable during the period.

Data selection parameters

  • ref (required) – line number.
  • date (optional) – start-date as month (number) - day_of_month (number).

Presentation parameters

  • default display Timetable.svg or Timetable not available.svg
  • icon (optional) – display different icon or no icon if empty.
  • Linkname (optional) – display name and no ref.


  • {{/TimetableVRS|400}} produces Timetable.svg 400.
  • {{/TimetableVRS|2=375-336r}} produces Timetable.svg 375-336r.
  • {{/TimetableVRS|3=2020_455-455-2020-02-03}} produces Timetable.svg 2020_455-455-2020-02-03.
  • {{/TimetableVRS|455|date=02-03}} produces Timetable.svg 455-02-03.
  • {{/TimetableVRS|501|date=}} produces Timetable.svg 501 (year_501-year-01-01).
  • {{/TimetableVRS|}} produces Timetable not available.svg.
  • {{/TimetableVRS|400|icon=}} produces 400.
  • {{/TimetableVRS|400|icon=[[File:State_Tram.svg|20px]]}} produces State Tram.svg 400.

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