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VUBatm import

VUB is a bank domiciled in Slovakia and currently belonging to one of the largest banks in the country.

As this import is bound to Slovak Republic more detailed information about this project can be found at the Slovak version of this page.

License for data

In February 2016 we obtained a written (email) permission to use metadata about ATMs, more specifically the following information:

  • address
  • more specific information about atm location (building, shopping centre, branch)
  • identifier code (unique across the whole dataset)
  • services provided by atm (Cashin, Cashout, Balance Inquiry, PIN change, Language selection, Payment Transfer, GSM purchase)

Geolocation data (lat/lon) were also part of the reply but due to license incompatibility of their source with OSM we are not allowed to use them.


Currently approximately 200 atms out of 550 are already in the OSM database. The goal is to add the missing ones where the address data can be properly resolved (geocoded) into a location using Nominatim. Also all the atms (missing and currently existing) will get a new ref tag (containing identifier code assigned by VUB bank) to make future updates easier.

The import process itself will rely heavily on human intervention - only the geocoding part will be scripted.

The steps in more details are as follows:

  • tags on atms already present in the database will be reviewed and fixed (operator=VÚB, name tag will be emptied where necessary)
  • geocoded atms locations will be compared to the atms in the OSM database and missing tags will be added, most importantly the ref tag (QGis can help here)
  • atms currently missing from OSM database will be added with the following additional tags:
    • source = VUBatm
    • fixme = resurvey
    • note = location based on geolocation of address data provided by VUB bank, may be inaccurate

Input data

Data comes as a csv-formatted file with the following fields:

  • Identifier_code
  • Address (street, city and zip code)
  • ATM's position
  • Nonstop = yes/no
  • Cashin = yes/no
  • Cashout = yes/no
  • BalanceInquiry = yes/no
  • PINchange = yes/no
  • LanguageSelection = yes/no
  • PaymentTransfer = yes/no
  • GSMpurchase = yes/no

Address data and positions are used solely to geocode the atm's location (if the address information exists in OSM - otherwise the atm is skipped), the following properties are transferred to OSM from source data using the key below:

  • Identifier_code => ref
  • Nonstop => opening_hours=24/7
  • Cashin => cash_in

If the atm is already mapped in OSM as part of the amenity=bank (atm=yes), create a separate a node for atm (to be able to distinguish ref between the two).

Identifier code

For some banks in Slovakia atms are clearly marked with identifier code, VUB bank does not do this though. Instead, if you want to see the code you need to withdraw cash and read it on the receipt. This may incur additional charges for non-VUB clients when surveying atms close to each other (same building for instance).

Dedicated user

OSM user under which the import will be carried out is VUBatm_bot. Members of Slovak OSM community will be given password to be able to upload under this account.

Changesets will be tagged as follows:

  • source = VUBatm
  • comment = VUBatm_import (by <OSM login of a user doing the import>)


TBD (once ref/identifier will be imported to OSM db, this should be fairly easy to semi-automate. Script automating this part will be published on github once done). Updates twice a year seem to be feasible.