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Vaasa, Finland
latitude: Help translate this into finland!63, longitude: Help translate this into finland!21.8
Browse map of VaasaHelp translate this into finland! 63°00′00.00″ N, 21°48′00.00″ E
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Vaasa is a city in Finland at latitude 63°00′00.00″ North, longitude 21°48′00.00″ East.Help translate this into finland!


(In August 2008)

Streets mostly mapped

  • The city center (some block service roads (palokujat) missing as well as amenities etc.)
  • Palosaari
  • Isolahti
  • Vetokannas
  • Klemettilä (under the city's urban planning process - new streets and retail areas to come during the next few years)
  • Korkeamäki
  • Suvilahti
  • Pukinjärvi
  • Kotiranta
  • Metsäkallio
  • Kivihaka (a developing area, new streets and retail areas coming soon)
  • Asevelikylä
  • Vaskiluoto
  • Kiilapalsta
  • Huutoniemi
  • Gerby (some cycleways missing)
  • Västervik
  • Melaniemi
  • Purola
  • Vanha Vaasa
  • Teeriniemi (some streets missing)

Still things to do

  • Ristinummi (a lot of cycleways missing)
  • Runsor (some streets missing)
  • Sundom (only main roads mapped)
  • Sepänkylä in Mustasaari municipality (some residential streets mapped and most of them are lacking street names)
  • A lot of cycleways missing, many parks unmapped, cemeteries, landuse, ..
  • The address numbers of buildings?