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Pnorman is still working on this proposal. If you're interested, contact him.

Surrey has waterway data and storm system culvert data available in drnOpenChannelsSHP and drnMainsSHP


All data used is available under the PDDL license which is compatible with OSM.


The data matches closely with 2010 orthography


Mapping drnOpenChannelsSHP
Shapefile Tags Notes
NAME name=NAME Abbreviations will be expanded (e.g. crk -> creek, brk -> brook).
STATUS=In Service n/a Any waterways out of service will not be imported as they have been filled in.
YR start_date=YR Year when the object was created
SENSITIVIT surrey:sensitivity=SENSITIVIT

Description: Classification of an open water course indicating its value as fish habitat.

Classes A and A(O) denote year round presence of salmonid species and healthy creek habitat.

Class B indicates streams and creeks that provide food and nutrients to downstream watercourses, but do not support fish.

Class C are typically ditches with insignificant food and nutrient input where fish are not present.

TYPE2 waterway=map(TYPE2) Ditch => ditch

River => river

Creek => stream

Mapping drnMainsSHP
Shapefile Tags Notes



Only ways with MAIN_TYPE2=Culvert will be imported.
YR start_date=YR Year when the object was created

Existing Data

A check with XAPI reveals that of the objects matching waterway=* in surrey, approximately 70% were last touched by Pnorman, 30% are as imported from NHN, and 3 ways were added by klusark and and are short (2-5 node) connecting waterways.

Of the waterways, 81% are from NHD. Of the remaining 19%, 66% are agricultural ditches by pnorman while the remainder are major rivers or mis-tagged ditches.

Pre-import cleanup

The two .osm files, one from each shapefile, will be merged and duplicate nodes joined. Simplify ways will be run with max-error=0.5

Existing waterways will be removed or have their tags removed if they are part of a multipolygon, with the exception of waterway=river.


The .osm file will be uploaded in multiple changesets, ordered with ways near their nodes in the import process to minimize the chance of breakage.

Post-import cleanup

Duplicate rivers will be removed and streams and major rivers will be joined.