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Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

latitude: 43.8563, longitude: -79.5085
Browse map of Vaughan 43°51′22.68″ N, 79°30′30.60″ W
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Vaughan is a city in Ontario, Canada at latitude 43°51′22.68″ North, longitude 79°30′30.60″ West.

Ongoing Projects

Mapping Sidewalks, Stop Signs, Crosswalks, etc.


  • Most major roads in the south except for Bathurst (Centre - Hwy 7, awaiting satellite), Hwy 7 (Wigwoss-VMC, waiting satellite).



  • Plazas at Dufferin/Major Mack

Major Changes Coming

  • Rutherford GO - upgrades to be complete in 2020. <- not completed yet in 2021
  • Highway 427 - under construction.
  • Major Mackenzie Drive widening and realignment - under construction.
  • Mackenzie Health Hospital - now open, awaiting new satellite imagery
  • Vaughan Metropolitan Centre - new developments

Other changes required

  • Need to complete mapping of buildings, which are completely lacking in many areas. Ontario Building Import had imported some buildings.
  • Need to complete mapping of sidewalks. Some areas are done.
  • Very minor details (such as streetlights, signs, etc.) are extremely lacking compared to neighbouring Toronto.
  • Local businesses need to be added. Many areas are lacking.
  • GO Transit routes need to be up to date and standard. See GO Transit for route relations.

Ongoing Updates


  • Thornhill Woods area has major alignment issues.
  • VivaNext (Woodbridge). This has opened. Awaiting updated satellite images.
  • VivaNext (Bathurst Street, Centre Street). Crossing and sidewalks need to be done pending satellite images.
  • Major Mackenzie Drive realignment
  • Canada's Wonderland needs some updating