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Skagen, Denmark, with a bunch of roads and paths visible from the overlay

The Vejmidte (Danish for "road centre") layer is an aggregated data layer from different Danish municipalities' road centre themes from their GIS departments. They are available from a tile server.

Tile server

All the different data sets (in different formats and projections) have been collected and aggregated into a single service URL. This way the layer can be expanded with other municipalities over time.

Roads are drawn in black and paths (Frederikshavn, Frederikssund, Egedal, Herlev and Ballerup) and cycleway centres (Copenhagen) are drawn in blue.


The layer is available as a default layer:

  • Preferences (F12)
  • WMS/TMS Imagery-tab in left side
  • Find og select Vejmidte (Denmark) (under DK) in the menu left of the map
    • If the layer isn't there please press the "Reload"-button to the right of the map
  • Press the "Activate" arrow underneath
  • Press "OK"


  • URL:$z/$x/$y.png


  • Stevns
  • Kolding
  • Copenhagen
  • Frederikshavn
  • Frederikssund
  • Egedal
  • Herlev
  • Ballerup


For reference: "Den åbne offentlige licens" (en: The Open Public License) - a license created for the Danish government by legal professionals. The license is compatible with ODbL and CC.