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It would be nice if more people ran Tiles@home on their PCs. But manually installing Tiles@home can be kind of complicated, especially if you are not familiar with Linux. It is possible to install it on Windows, but is said to be even more complicated. Virtual Tiles@Home (vt@h) is a new aproach to this problem.

How does Virtual Tiles@home work?

Software like VirtualBox allows you to emulate (simulate) a complete PC inside your real PC. The real PC is also called host PC. You may install any OS on your virtual PC, which may be different from your host OS. Whatever operating system you may be running (Windows, Mac, Linux), you can have a virtual PC running Linux, and you can use the host PC and the virtual PC at the same time.

Virtual tiles@home uses this possibility. You don't have to create a virtual PC and install Linux on it. We are creating a virtual PC that you can download and run without Linux knowledge. You start the virtual PC, and the PC starts rendering and uploading. Inside this virtual PC, there is a completely normal Tiles@home installation.

Virtual machine downloads:

Virtual Tiles@Home - Ubuntu: More recent progress is based on Ubuntu ‎