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Wakefield, West Yorkshire

latitude: 53.68, longitude: -1.49
Browse map of Wakefield 53°40′48.00″ N, 1°29′24.00″ W
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Wakefield is a city in West Yorkshire at latitude 53°40′48.00″ North, longitude 1°29′24.00″ West.

Wakefield is in West Yorkshire (UK) just south of Leeds, to the SE of the intersection of the M1 & M62.

Coverage is spreading nicely, and we now have quite a number local mappers. Completion of WF1 and WF2 isn't too far away.

Who's mapping what?

There's nothing worse than spending a day out mapping then coming home to find that someone else has already covered the area you've been working on, so here's a list of what people are currently working on, or planning to cover in the near future.

What's left to map?

This is a list of areas I (Deluded) have noticed still need mapping:

  • Calder Grove, next to M1 J39 (Deluded)
  • Few roads off Blacker Lane on way to Denby Dale
  • Bramley Lane, between Woolley Low Moor and Bretton Ln (goes under over M1 - with service roads to motorway services)
  • Cambridge Cresent + Kendal Drive off Doncaster Road
  • Works at end of Calder Vale Road
  • Couple of dead ends off Park Mill Lane. Park Mill Lane looks way off sat images
  • Most of Crofton

Please put your name down before mapping so we don't map the same bits.