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As mentioned in Potential Datasources and Out-of-copyright maps we can use either electronic maps with compatible licenses or maps that for whatever reason are not copyrighted. It's winter in the northern hemisphere and surveying is less fun so any such sources are now more useful. Below I'll try to summarise all such sources known for Warsaw and surroundings so we can discuss the legality and access to them here, and have a single place to look for new data. Everyone is welcome to add new information, and everyone is welcome to take the data and just start mapping/importing it.


Status: can be used.

UMP is a community project like OSM that started making free maps of Poland earlier than OSM, targetting specifically the Garmin handhelds. Their license is compatible with CC-BY-SA and it seems that a lot of the data UMP had collected has already been imported for the region of Warsaw.

Unfortunately it is currently unclear whether data imported under the terms of CC-BY-SA (including UMP data) will be carried over the Open Data License switch.

Yahoo! Aerial Imagery

Yahoo has a detailed coverage of a weird-shaped region that includes Warsaw and nearby towns. It is as far as I can tell very well calibrated but the imagery is at least as old as year 2000. I encourage using Yahoo for tracing over the imagery in places that you know or where no more current data is present in OSM. It's especially useful for drawing buildings outlines.

There's the question of whether we want buildings on the map of Warsaw at all, since they're not very useful for automated navigation. The usages of OSM are not limited to automated navigation, it doesn't even seem to be the dominating idea right now. I'd say mapping buildings, especially combined with addressing information can be very useful. So far I've been drawing buildings in some districts of Warsaw but only in cases where I knew the address data or other interesting data about a building. This way it's easy to spot buildings that are still missing data (because they're visible on aerial photography and aren't on the map).

I guess any information that may be used for searching for a location (similar to the address search on Google Maps) will be useful to upload. See tags for address information and other attributes for buildings.

MSI and public maps

Status: can be used.

Warsaw MSI (Miejski System Informacji) is a set of signs with street names, house numbers and map posts installed throughout the city by the municipality.


According to wikipedia (example) the point 1 of article 33 of Polish "copyright and related laws" states that copyright cannot be applied to creations / work posted permanently in publicly accessible streets, roads, squares or gardens.

By my interpretation that means quite clearly that the maps of districts installed by MSI in many places throughout Warsaw can be treated as in Public Domain and all information on them can be freely copied to OSM. I've not yet copied anything from them but I want to start doing that in a month or two if there isn't any new insight into the copyrighting. Comments are welcome. Balrog 14:19, 11 January 2009 (UTC)


The map posts are placed mostly in central places of districts or urbanisations and have two sides, one containing the location of the place on a map of the entire city with only administrative divisions and nothing else marked, not very useful. The other side has a schematic map of the surrounding of the post (with a "You're here" sign in the centre) covering square areas roughly 1km x 1km in size. The maps have roads, buildings with house numbers and common names, parks, bus/tram stops and other Points-of-Interest. Since this is mostly in busy districts, we already have most of the streets in these areas in OSM, but it can be used for reference. I find the addressing information valuable because it means we can have a relatively complete map with buildings and their addresses and provide usable address search for central streets. Of course copying the data won't be much fun.

The posts were not all installed at the same time and some of them may be a little outdated so care needs to be taken.


Let's tag data coming from MSI maps with source=msi.


I took pictures of the MSI map posts I crossed on my way this week and collected some so that they can be discussed here on the wiki, or data copied right away without leaving your home (armchair mapping). There are many more in areas I don't visit and if you take pictures of them, post them here.

The pictures are of very poor quality and unprofessional but you can decypher some names / numbers on them. The winter lighting conditions and my camera didn't get along well.

Metro Pole Mokotowskie

In front of Szkoła Główna Handlowa. Approximate location

South end of Zamieniecka

The crossing of Zamieniecka & Ostrobramska. Approximate location.

Plac Szembeka

South-east corner of Szembeka square. Approximate location.

Hala Banacha

Crossing of Stefana Banacha & Grójecka streets. Approximate location.

Metro Centrum

Rondo Romana Dmowskiego roundabout, by the subway entrance. Approximate location.

Plac Bankowy

Next to bus stop Plac Bankowy 05. Approximate location.

Warszawa Wileńska

Crossing of Targowa & Aleja Solidarności streets. Approximate location.


South end of Kijowska, crossing with Targowa street. Approximate location.

Krakowskie Przedmieście

In front of Akademia Sztuk Pięknych, near the bus-stop. Approximate location.

Nowy Świat

The crossing of Nowy Świat & Świętokrzyska streets. Approximate location.


The crossing of Aleje Jerozolimskie & Krucza streets. Approximate location.

Metro Centrum

Rondo Romana Dmowskiego, next to Metro Centrum 05 bus-stop. Approximate location.

Aleje Jerozolimskie

Underground passages at the crossing of Chalubińskiego with Aleje Jerozolimskie, near the Mariott (LIM) exit. Approximate location.


At the bus stop and entrance to the "LIM centre" (Mariott) from Aleje Jerozolimskie. Approximate location.

Charles De Gaulle roundabout

North side of the roundabout with the palm. Approximate location.

Poniatowski bridge

West end of Poniatowski bridge, near the Warszawa Powiśle train halt. Approximate location.

George Washington roundabout

South side of rondo Waszyngtona. Approximate location.

Wiatraczna roundabout

East of the roundabout, in front of "Supersam Grochów". Approximate location.

Wiatraczna roundabout (Zakole)

North from the roundabout. Approximate location.


Crossing of Kinowa and Waszyngtona, next to the tram stop. Approximate location.

Plac Narutowicza

West of the roundabout aka. square, in front of the church. Approximate location.

Plac Starynkiewicza

In front of the city hall. Approximate location.

Charles De Gaulle roundabout

West of the roundabout, in front of the EMPiK mall. Approximate location.


Near Bliska tram stop and the crossing of Mińska and Grochowska. Approximate location.

Aleja Zieleniecka

North end of Zamieniecka where it reaches Grochowska. In front of Teatr Powszechny. Approximate location.

Plac Zawiszy

South of the roundabout aka. square, in front of Sobieski hotel and near the bus stop. Approximate location.


The crossing of Francuska & Obróńców streets in Saska Kępa. Approximate location.


The crossing where Myśliwiecka, Rozbrat and Łazienkowska streets meet. Approximate location.

Plac Na Rozdrożu

Na Rozdrożu square, next to the exit of Agrykola st. Approximate location.


North of the Puławska, Waryńskiego and Goworka crossing. Approximate location.

Racławicka (Puławska)

Crossing of Racławicka & Puławska streets. Approximate location.


Crossing of Wałbrzyska & Puławska streets, in front of McDonald's. Approximate location.

Metro Wilanowska

By the tram stop. Approximate location.


East end of Malczewskiego street. Approximate location.


In the park on the east end of Różana street, opposite side of Puławska to the Morskie Oko park. Approximate location.

Aleja Armii Ludowej

Where Marszałkowska crosses Armii Ludowej on a bridge, halfway between Plac Unii Lubelskiej and Plac Zbawiciela. Approximate location.

Metro Centrum

North of the Roman Dmowski roundabout. Approximate location.

Dworzec Centralny

Underground passages at the crossing of Chalubińskiego with Aleje Jerozolimskie, near the central station exit. Approximate location.


Crossing of Kopińska-Wawelska and Grójecka. Approximate location.


On the side of Pułaskiego street (road 721). Very approximate location. This map is near or at a bus stop, however it's in a public space and in the middle of a street so this should be no issue. It's not operated by MSI and it's probably older.


On the side of Sulimy street, Warsaw University area. Approximate location.


Crossing of Abrahama and Fieldorfa streets in Saska Kępa. Approximate location.


Crossing of Bora-Komorowskiego and Fieldorfa streets in Saska Kępa. Approximate location.


At the east end of Bora-Komorowskiego street, "Gocław" bus stop / depot. Approximate location.


At the east end of Bora-Komorowskiego street, crossing with Umińskiego. Approximate location.


On the wall of the police stationhouse at 22, Umińskiego street. Approximate location.

Metro Centrum

South of Roman Dmowski roundabout, by the stairs to the underground passage. Approximate location.

The Old Town (Miodowa)

Near to where Miodowa meets Krakowskie Przedmieście, south entrance to Plac Zamkowy. Approximate location.

The Old Town (Senatorska)

Crossing of Podwale and Senatorska, south of Stare Miasto. Approximate location.

Domy Centrum

In front of the Domy Centrum mall, Marszałkowska street. Approximate location.

Pomnik Lotnika

At the crossing of Wawelska and Żwirki i Wigury. Approximate location.


At the wall of a school in Ochota. Approximate location.

Hala Kopińska

At the crossing of Białobrzeska and Kopińska streets. Approximate location.


Crossing of Krakowskie Przedmieście & Karowa. Approximate location.


East side of Długa, Nowe Miasto area. Approximate location.


Pole Mokotowskie subway station south exit. Approximate location.

Aleja Niepodległości

On a wall of a school building near Madalińskiego. Approximate location.

Metro Racławicka

Racławicka subway station south exit (Aleja Niepodległości). Approximate location.

Warszawa Centralna

East entrance to the Centralna station. Approximate location.


Where Świętokrzyska meets Mazowiecka and Powstańców Warszawy square. Approximate location.

Rondo ONZ

South of Rondo ONZ roundabout. Approximate location.


Crossing between Prosta and Żelazna, Mennica tram stop. Approximate location.

Daszyński roundabout

Map is placed on the east side of the Rondo Ignacego Daszyńskiego. Approximate location.

Żwirki i Wigury

Crossing with Banacha, Pola Mokotowskie latitude. Approximate location.

Triple Cross square

Under the monument on the south end. Approximate location.


Emila Fieldorfa & Janusza Meissnera crossing. Approximate location.


St. Bonifacego street. Approximate location.

Konstancin-Jeziorna south

Ścieżka turystyczna ,,Do Skolimowa" - Touristic trail "Towards Skolimów" - map placed by the entrance to a cemetery in Czarnów / Nowe Wierzbno south of Warsaw. Only contains some POIs (historically significant houses and landmarks) and no street names. Below it is a historical note about the cemetery. Approximate location.

Zalesie Górne, Jesówka, Wólka Kozodawska, Łbiska, Nowinki

Operated by Piaseczno municipality (south of Warsaw), shows some of the nature reserves, trails and a street map of Jesówka, Zalesie Górna, Wólka Kozodawska. By the post office and bus stop. Approximate location.


Kruczkowskiego, 3 Maja, Aleje Jerozolimskie streets, by the stairs to Powiśle train station and cycleway. Approximate location.


At the crossing of Grochowska and Podskarbińska streets. Approximate location.

Sadyba (Powsińska)

Crossing of Powsińska with Św. Bonifacego. Approximate location.

Sadyba (Augustówka)

Powsińska and Augustówka streets, in front of TVN hq, between Sadyba and Wilanów districts. Approximate location.

Wilanów (bus depot)

The bus stops next to McDonald's and in front of the cemetery, Powsińska street. Approximate location.


Opposite side of Powsińska to the cemetery, near the footpaths to Wilanów palaces. Approximate location.


A big post near the crossing of Sienkiewicza and Piłsudskiego, near the spas too. Similar to the [Wikiproject_Poland/Warsaw/Datasources#Konstancin-Jeziorna|map posted at bus stops] in Konstancin-Jeziorna but more complete, with pictures. Approximate location.

Nature reserves south of Warsaw

A post in Chojnów between Klonowa and Asfaltowa streets, an overview map of forests south of Warsaw. Approximate location.

Bitwy Warszawskiej / Hala Banacha

On the opposite side of Grójecka to Hala Banacha, near Opaczewska. Approximate location.


Crossing of Karola Dickensa and Grójecka streets. Approximate location.

Pola Mokotowskie, GUS

Crossing of Aleja Niepodległości and Aleja Armii Ludowej. Approximate location.

Plac Politechniki

In front of the large (triangular) square in front of Politechnika building (between Nowowiejska & Noakowskiego streets). Approximate location.


North side of Górczewska next to Jana Olbrachta bus stop. Approximate location.

Powstańców Śląskich

South-east corner of the Górczewska & Powstańców Śląskich crossing, in from of city offices. Approximate location.

Osiedle akademickie "Przyjaźń"

An old schematic map at a corner of the "Przyjaźń" suburb, crossing of the streets Powstańców Śląskich and Konarskiego. Approximate location.

Człuchowska, Hala Wola

In front of Hala Targowa Wola market place, streets Człuchowska and Powstańców Śląskich. Approximate location.


Zdobnicza & Globusowa streets. Approximate location.

Stare Włochy

Town centre, by the entrance to the church, Rybnicka & Księdza Chrościckiego streets. Approximate location.

Włochy station

South exit from the Włochy train station between some bars. Approximate location.

Popularna, Raków

Close to the bus stop, Popularna & Aleje Jerozolimskie streets. Opposite side of the road from the Microsoft's office building. Approximate location.

Teatr Narodowy

West end of the square in front of National Theatre. Approximate location.

Mariensztat market square

East corner of Rynek Mariensztacki - central square of the Mariensztat suburb. Approximate location.

Aleja Stanów Zjednoczonych, Saska

Bus stop at the north side of Aleja Stanów Zjednoczonych and west side of the Saska viaduct. Approximate location.


Crossing at the east end of Egipska in Saska Kępa district. Approximate location.

Plac Przymierza

(Former) Przymierza square, currently the crossing between Paryska & Zwycięzców, close to "Meksykańska (dawne Kino Sawa)" bus stop. Approximate location.

Aleja Stanów Zjednoczonych, Grenadierów

East corner of the crossing of the two streets. Approximate location.

Piękna, Mokotowska

The opposite side of the road from "Batalion AK Ruczaj" square, currently some contruction works going on in that place prevent access to the map. Approximate location.


Southern Grochów district, map placed at the wall of "Zakład Gospodarowania Dzielnicy" building at a rather unfriendly altitude (3m over ground). Approximate location.


By the entrance to Królewska Centrum office building, crossing of Królewska and Marszałkowska streets. Approximate location.

Warszawa Wileńska (footpaths)

Non-MSI map of walking paths in Praga Północ, less details and similar area covered as [WikiProject Poland/Warsaw/Datasources#Warszawa_Wile.C5.84ska]. Operated by Fundacja Kazantyp (NGO). Approximate location.

Warszawa Wileńska (south)

Near a bus stop on south from the Targowa & Aleja Solidarności crossing. Poor visibility, covered in stickers or something. Approximate location.


Crossing of Woronicza & Wołoska streets, on the other side of the crossing from the tramway depot. Approximate location.

Galeria Mokotów

Close to the mall and the crossing of Wołoska / Rzymowskiego - Marynarska / Aleja Lotników. Approximate location.

Racławicka (Wołoska)

Crossing of Wołoska and Racławicka / Odyńca streets. Approximate location.


South side of Filtrowa streets, between the crossings with Raszyńska and Krzyckiego. Approximate location.


Near the pedestrian crossing over Grochowska, the last tram stop, and the crossing of Grochowska with Jubilerska / Olszynki Grochowskiej. Approximate location.

Aleja Krakowska (north)

In front of the cityhall for Warszawa-Włochy district, west side of Aleja Krakowska, nearest crossing is that with Bakalarska. Approximate location.


Solec street. Approximate location.

Szaserów (the hospital)

By the main gate of MON hospital and Military Medical Institute, on a wall north of Szaserów street. Approximate location.


North side of Kasprzaka street, near the meeting with Skierniewicka. Approximate location.

Połczyńska (Jelonki)

At a tram stop near the crossing of Połczyńska and Powstańców Śląskich / Dzwigowa. Approximate location.

Połczyńska (Chrzanów)

Crossing between Połczyńska and Szeligowska. Approximate location.

Gmina Michałowice

Big non-MSI map of seemingly all of Gmina (municipality) Michałowice near Warsaw, situated near the WKD train station Opacz in Opacz, by the Ryżowa street and bus stops. Approximate location.


South corner of the crossing between Aleja Krakowska and Hynka / Łopuszańska. Approximate location.

Weteranów 1863 Square

Near Warszawa Wileńska at the bus stop at Plac Weteranów 1863, crossing of Aleja "Solidarności" and Sierakowskiego, and just opposite side of the road from the Zoo and Park Praski. Approximate location.


Status: can be used with appropriate source= tag.

Not so much geographic data there but there is a bit of useful information. The website contains touristic and historic information on interesting objects in the area of Warsaw Old Town. I wanted to copy the house numbers from there together with the historic names of every building or monument. The content of the website is author's own research based on books. I talked to the owner and author on the phone the other day and he agrees to the use of the data under CC provided a link to his website is in the database.

Let's tag potential copied data with source=stare-miasto.com.