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These are a number of planet.osm-powered scripts, written in Python. Source code is available from svn under /applications/utils/where_are_they/. (They used to be at http://gagravarr.org/code/)

They support outputting to a number of formats:

  • HTML (default)
  • XML (very simple format)
  • OSM
  • GPX (Garmin waypoint format)

Where Am I?


Allows you to find nodes (of certain types), places or roads near a given location.

Takes four required arguments:

  • lat - the latitude (decimal)
  • long - the longitude (decimal)
  • dist - search bbox radius (in meters)
  • format - see above

And then one of:

  • places - the nearby places
  • roads - the nearby (main) roads
  • node_type - nodes of the given type (eg place)
  • node_type + node_value - nodes of the given type and value (eg amenity + pub)

Example URLs

Interesting URLs

These may be of wider use, and should be collected below.

Where Is It?


Allows you to locate places by their name, providing a basic OSM powered gazetter service.

Takes three arguments:

  • place - the (case sensitive) name of the place you want to find, eg Iffley
  • type - a comma separated list of kinds of places to search (from Map Features), eg type=town,city
  • format - see above