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Widnes, Cheshire

latitude: 53.3712, longitude: -2.7246
Browse map of Widnes 53°22′16.32″ N, 2°43′28.56″ W
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Widnes is a town in Cheshire at latitude 53°22′16.32″ North, longitude 2°43′28.56″ West. Widnes is part of the borough of Halton. The town is a main commuter belt area for Liverpool and Manchester due to its links to the M56 and M62.


Overall Status

State Labelled.svg State Car2.svg State Bike.svg State Foot1.svg State Fuel0.svg State Hotel0.svg State Restaurant1.svg State Public.svg State Tourist.svg

Area / Village Percentage Notes
Appleton 50% Roads east of Kingsway have been complete, Return trip needed to verify roads and some street names.
Ditton 20% Roads sketched in from Yahoo
Farnworth 0%
Halebank 50% Streets mapped and named. Needs more work on footpaths, land use and amenities. Neil Hoggarth
Hough Green 0%
Lunt's Heath 0%
Kingsway 15% Major roads in "The Aves" have been completed
West Bank 15% Roads sketched from Yahoo, some inital GPS data used for NCN62
Halton View 0%
Simm's Cross 50%
Town Centre 80% Requires a validation trip to confirm all amenities are in place.
Weates Close Estate 10% Mostly Yahoo and local knowledge (Nik_Doof used to live there)
Upton 0%
Cronton 0%
Cuerdley Cross 50% Roads "mapped" from Yahoo, need a visit to get exact GPS.
Widnes Waterfront 10% Inital roads and landuse, service roads and restrictions need adding


Name Percentage Notes
Halton Cycleways 20% Been able to work out some cyclepaths from Yahoo! and Halton council's description of the routes, need further mapping.
NR62 50% Spike Island towards Hale has been mapped, Path along St. Helens canal needs confirmation

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