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User confirmation is one of the measures against spam in this wiki. User accounts receive more permissions over time if they are not used for spamming or pure vandalism.

New user accounts cannot move pages, files, and categories. Additionally, they cannot upload files and have to solve CAPTCHAs.

Users become "autoconfirmed" after both...

  • 4 days have elapsed since the wiki account was created
  • 10 edits have been made to any wiki page (Setting up your User Page, and edits to Sandbox are included in the count)

(This is the $wgAutoConfirmAge and $wgAutoConfirmCount settings in our MediaWiki config)

"autoconfirmed" status grants those rights and disables CAPTCHAs. CAPTCHAs are no longer triggered when adding links to webpages listed in MediaWiki:Captcha-addurl-whitelist.

As the permissions are assigned automatically by the MediaWiki software, it possible to revoke these permissions by an (automated) abuse filer only. Sometimes, trusted users with new accounts need the autoconfirmed users' permissions. In this case, administrators and bureaucrats can assign users to the confirmed user group. It includes nearly the same set of permissions, but can be granted and revoked manually.[1] There are currently 1 users with confirmed status.