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WikiProject Emergency Cleanup was a wiki project which aimed to structure tags and pages associated with emergency, especially emergency=*. Followed up by applying the standard Cleanup Objectives (develop and maintain a clear, well written, linked and accessible wiki) and to apply it to more languages. The project never reached its own goals and slowly vanished with Template:Emergency Cleanup gradually removed by other contributors.


Gather relevant Wiki entries related to Emergency

  • Pages about services, maps, apps etc,
  • Existing tags connected to Emergency

What is missing?

  • Determine ALL relevant services
  • Proposals

Develop a new structure

  • Templates
  • emergency= vs. amenity=
  • Content/Purpose of Key:emergency Page
  • Emergency page

General cleanup

  • increase conformance the Wiki guidelines
  • Localisation

Template to use

  • This WikiProject promoted marking pages to cleanup with {{Emergency Cleanup}}, which renders as:

Consider simply improving pages instead.