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You must give credit to the image providers.
This is required by the imagery owners and helps us to see if your mapping might be outdated.

See also Best Practices for more guidance.

Where available, the IOM Drone imagery, obtained by HOT and taken in late 2012, early 2013, is the most current imagery. Bing imagery, although slightly older, is much more comprehensive and available at a high resolution in most areas of the country.

Be sure to use the Imagery Offset DB before using any imagery in Haiti.

For a list of imagery sources used immediately following the 2010 earthquake, see: WikiProject Haiti/Imagery and data sources/Old


Where available, IOM is the most current imagery and has very sharp resolution.

Date: early 2013, late 2012
Use the tag: source=iom_image2013
Availability Use in JOSM
Available in Fort-Liberte, Limonade, St. Ralphael, Quartier Morin,

Parts of Port au Prince, Tabarre, Cite de Soleil, and Petitionville

Check for offsets in the Imagery Offset DB before using this imagery. This is already in the Preset list of imagery sources in JOSM. For other Editors, use:



Imagery availability assessed using the Bing imagery analyzer for OSM.

Zoom level(s) Date range Area covered
8 2004-07 Complete country
9-12 2001-03 to 2004-07 Complete country
16-19 2011-01 Jeremie, Haiti
14-19 2011-04 Tabarre, Butte Boyer, Haiti
20 2010-01 to 2010-09 Tabarre, Butte Boyer, Haiti


USAID/OTI had acquired imagery from NextView, dated early 2013 and granted HOT permission to use this imagery in accordance on the following conditions: This imagery is only available to mappers participating in HOT's mission - "Engaging the Youth to Map The Northern Corridor" in Northern Haiti, March-June 2013.

Objects with this imagery have the tag source=NextView, 2013.

Vector and Map Data


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