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WikiProject Indonesia, Subproject Bogor

Let's work together to create an accurate, information rich map of Bogor.

Bogor is a remote suburb of Jakarta, 60km due South, and a very popular destination for a weekend getaway from Jakarta. Easily accessed by train and bus, the city of Bogor is home to more than 1 million people. It is estimated that more than 50,000 people commute each day to Jakarta and that number is growing.

The mapping of Bogor can be be accomplished to great effect if, as we map, we seek to understand that there are many, many people who will benefit from the updating of the map. More information coming soon

Task Manager

The OSM Tasking Manager project has been set up as Kota Bogor. The first sector was completed on 24 April 2012. As of 28 July 2012, 29% of the sectors had been completed, with no sectors validated; 14 contributors had worked on this project as of this date.


While many of the main roads in Bogor have been added to the map there remains a huge amoutn of land to classify, as well as a number of commercial and public buildings.

Simply outlining these features is a good start. Refer to:

for information about how to label certain features.

Specific Outcomes

Land Use A great deal of the Bogor map is simply blank. Most areas should at least receive a land use treatment with a proper tag. After that buildings can be added RT/RW Kecamatan Kelurahan Angkot Routes (transport routes, new relations with "stops" added to them.)

Interested Organizations