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The aim is to consolidate the numbering and coding of cycle ways

The focus is on segregated cycleways first, after that in lane routes could be included

assigning cycle route codes and names to agree with the Greater Dublin area Cycle Netwrok plan

It references

  • Urban Network,
  • Inter-Urban Network
  • Green Route Networks.

I have proceeded under the assumption that Inter-Urban Network and Green Route Networks are all National netwroks under the OSM system

Urban netwroks are further broken down into

  • Primary Network: Main cycle arteries that cross the urban area, and carry most cycle traffic;
  • Secondary Network: Links between the principal cycle routes and local zones;
  • Feeder: Connections from zones to the network levels above and/or cycle routes within local zones

These seems to tally with OSM method of Nationsl, Regional and Local., I am proceeding as such