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HVDC Volgograd–Donbass is the only actual working HVDC in former Soviet Union running from Volgograd in Russia to Pervomaisk in Luhansk Oblast. It is a 470 km long bipolar overhead line, completed in 1964. More can be found on


Right of way of HVDC Volgograd-Donbass, according Google-Maps. May be sometimes a bit incorrect as result of bad resolution.


Number Coordinates Coordinates
1 48°49′39″N 44°40′04″E 48.8275979°N 44.6677548°E
2 48°49′39″N 44°39′56″E 48.8275714°N 44.6654695°E
3 48°49′51″N 44°39′14″E 48.8309245°N 44.6539253°E
4 48°49′57″N 44°38′54″E 48.8325347°N 44.648459°E
5 48°50′17″N 44°37′46″E 48.8380961°N 44.6294099°E
6 48°50′23″N 44°37′45″E 48.8396319°N 44.6291149°E
7 48°50′48″N 44°37′54″E 48.8467599°N 44.6316737°E
8 48°51′33″N 44°37′02″E 48.8592093°N 44.6170878°E
9 48°51′56″N 44°36′48″E 48.8654629°N 44.6133757°E
10 48°54′23″N 44°36′48″E 48.9065045°N 44.6133757°E
11 48°56′15″N 44°29′07″E 48.9374952°N 44.4852358°E
12 48°56′46″N 44°31′22″E 48.9460538°N 44.5227921°E
13 48°56′48″N 44°31′12″E 48.9466739°N 44.5198739°E
14 48°56′14″N 44°30′11″E 48.9371816°N 44.5031583°E
15 48°56′18″N 44°27′07″E 48.938207°N 44.4519228°E
16 48°55′42″N 44°23′09″E 48.9283819°N 44.3857741°E
17 48°56′22″N 44°05′10″E 48.939398°N 44.0861768°E
18 48°55′35″N 43°52′11″E 48.9264469°N 43.8697815°E
19 48°55′25″N 43°49′17″E 48.923574°N 43.8214481°E
20 48°56′15″N 43°48′12″E 48.9375833°N 43.803429°E
21 48°56′34″N 43°48′06″E 48.9428053°N 43.80153°E
22 48°57′49″N 43°46′16″E 48.9636948°N 43.7710118°E
23 48°57′54″N 43°42′30″E 48.9648922°N 43.7083769°E
24 48°57′58″N 43°38′58″E 48.966146°N 43.6493897°E
25 48°57′27″N 43°31′43″E 48.9575381°N 43.5286474°E
26 48°55′29″N 43°07′19″E 48.9247833°N 43.1220245°E
27 48°55′53″N 43°05′59″E 48.9315221°N 43.0998373°E
28 48°56′50″N 43°02′52″E 48.9473221°N 43.0476522°E
29 48°57′04″N 43°01′25″E 48.951141°N 43.0236197°E
30 48°59′27″N 42°46′48″E 48.9908204°N 42.7800965°E
31 48°58′34″N 42°34′51″E 48.9762384°N 42.580803°E
32 48°58′20″N 42°31′38″E 48.9721749°N 42.5271964°E
33 48°58′37″N 42°15′12″E 48.9768228°N 42.2533107°E
34 48°57′25″N 42°13′57″E 48.9568758°N 42.2324538°E
35 48°56′40″N 42°10′59″E 48.9444331°N 42.1830368°E
36 48°55′38″N 42°06′58″E 48.9272787°N 42.116003°E
37 48°55′31″N 41°55′08″E 48.9253332°N 41.918807°E
38 48°53′39″N 41°47′27″E 48.8942079°N 41.7907691°E
39 48°53′35″N 41°45′31″E 48.8929805°N 41.7585611°E
40 48°51′27″N 41°15′12″E 48.8575717°N 41.2533402°E
41 48°52′07″N 41°09′32″E 48.8687376°N 41.1589479°E
42 48°52′37″N 40°52′28″E 48.8770574°N 40.8744407°E
43 48°51′47″N 40°43′50″E 48.8631797°N 40.7305589°E
44 48°49′26″N 40°37′03″E 48.8237696°N 40.6174636°E
45 48°49′23″N 40°28′50″E 48.8230844°N 40.4806709°E
46 48°49′23″N 40°28′49″E 48.823155°N 40.4802847°E
47 48°49′47″N 40°22′38″E 48.8297662°N 40.3772235°E
48 48°49′46″N 40°22′31″E 48.8295685°N 40.3752708°E
49 48°49′50″N 40°21′11″E 48.8304654°N 40.3531587°E
50 48°48′52″N 40°12′13″E 48.8144659°N 40.2035666°E
51 48°48′27″N 40°05′17″E 48.8075277°N 40.0879365°E
52 48°48′28″N 40°05′06″E 48.8076831°N 40.0850075°E
53 48°47′40″N 39°58′52″E 48.7945176°N 39.9812114°E
54 48°47′16″N 39°55′47″E 48.7878664°N 39.9296701°E


Number Coordinates Coordinates
55 48°49′12″N 39°42′53″E 48.8201034°N 39.7147822°E
56 48°49′00″N 39°26′02″E 48.8167831°N 39.4337511°E
57 48°50′21″N 39°20′45″E 48.8393001°N 39.3457317°E
58 48°49′34″N 39°15′03″E 48.8261217°N 39.2508137°E
59 48°43′11″N 38°55′18″E 48.7198055°N 38.9216423°E
60 48°44′13″N 38°40′46″E 48.7369143°N 38.6794281°E
61 48°42′18″N 38°35′56″E 48.7049708°N 38.5990101°E
62 48°39′53″N 38°34′20″E 48.6648482°N 38.5721719°E
63 48°39′39″N 38°34′01″E 48.6608515°N 38.5668719°E
64 48°39′08″N 38°33′55″E 48.6520953°N 38.5651928°E

Electrode Line in Ukraine

Number Coordinates Coordinates
1 48°39′20″N 38°33′41″E 48.6555399°N 38.5614431°E
2 48°39′41″N 38°34′00″E 48.6612555°N 38.5665286°E
3 48°40′12″N 38°34′34″E 48.6698613°N 38.5760772°E
4 48°40′52″N 38°35′12″E 48.6810017°N 38.5866344°E
5 48°42′19″N 38°35′56″E 48.7053177°N 38.598758°E
6 48°44′14″N 38°40′44″E 48.7373601°N 38.6787736°E
7 48°44′03″N 38°43′25″E 48.7341476°N 38.7235826°E
8 48°43′59″N 38°43′28″E 48.7330861°N 38.7243551°E
9 48°43′38″N 38°48′17″E 48.7270991°N 38.8045961°E
10 48°43′14″N 38°49′49″E 48.7204213°N 38.8302702°E
11 48°42′35″N 38°51′21″E 48.7095835°N 38.8557565°E
12 48°42′23″N 38°52′04″E 48.7062771°N 38.8678533°E
12A 48°41′46″N 38°53′07″E 48.6962471°N 38.8852555°E
14 48°41′45″N 38°53′25″E 48.6958257°N 38.8902229°E
15 48°41′32″N 38°54′36″E 48.6922069°N 38.9099801°E

Electrode Line in Russia

Number Coordinates Coordinates
1 49°00′13″N 44°30′56″E 49.0036352°N 44.5155823°E
2 48°59′01″N 44°29′53″E 48.9835722°N 44.4980675°E
3 48°58′55″N 44°29′48″E 48.9819175°N 44.4965869°E
4 48°57′23″N 44°31′01″E 48.9564672°N 44.5169556°E
5 48°57′21″N 44°31′27″E 48.9557768°N 44.5242727°E
6 48°57′09″N 44°31′36″E 48.9525008°N 44.5265579°E
7 48°56′52″N 44°31′29″E 48.9478154°N 44.5246482°E
8 48°56′46″N 44°31′39″E 48.9460855°N 44.5273948°E
9 48°54′27″N 44°37′00″E 48.9073824°N 44.6167982°E
10 48°53′33″N 44°37′10″E 48.892589°N 44.6194214°E
11 48°51′33″N 44°37′14″E 48.8592376°N 44.6205157°E
12 48°50′41″N 44°38′15″E 48.8446841°N 44.6374083°E
13 48°50′37″N 44°38′52″E 48.8436444°N 44.6479037°E
14 48°50′09″N 44°39′11″E 48.8359546°N 44.6529463°E
15 48°50′03″N 44°39′09″E 48.834235°N 44.6524554°E
16 48°49′59″N 44°39′11″E 48.8331227°N 44.6531743°E