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This page describes the tagging of hiking routes in Slovakia.

Trail marking system in Slovakia

Trail marking in Slovakia is standardized under the technical norm STN 01 8025 – Turistické značenie. Marking is carried out by the Slovak Tourist Club (Klub slovenských turistov - KST).

Slovak hiking trails are marked using a unified system. The basic marker is a square sign (10 x 10 cm) consisting of three horizontal stripes. The upper and the lower stripes are white. The middle one is red, blue, green or yellow. Red is used for long distance routes, blue for routes connecting important places, green for additional routes and finally yellow for short connections between other routes. Branches of these trails (to a castle/spring/...) are marked in corresponding colours but using a special sign for each situation.

Local routes are also marked according to this method. Their marker is a square sign (10 x 10 cm) consisting of two triangles, the lower left is white and the upper right is red, blue, green or yellow.

International routes always take another route, mainly long distance trails, marked in red.

Special kinds of routes are educational trails for which the marker is a square white sign (10 x 10 cm) with a green diagonal stripe.




Creating a relation for every hiking route is recommended, instead of tagging each element. Be sure that the relation does not already exist before creating a new one! You can check it on the [Freemap KST - hiking routes]. Unsure about relations? Read more.

Tag Description
colour=red/blue/green/yellow/white Marking colour. This tag does not apply to educational trails (which are always marked in green).
network=iwn/nwn/rwn/lwn Defines the route as a part of an international (iwn), national (nwn), regional (rwn) or local (lwn) network. More about hiking routes networks in Slovakia.
ref=number (optional) Route number. More about numbering of hiking routes in Slovakia.
name=* (optional) Route name, e.g. Štefánikova magistrála.
operator=* (optional) Route operator. The majority of the marked hiking routes in Slovakia were carried out by the KST.
symbol=major/ruin/peak/spring/interesting_object/education/local (optional) Marker symbol. More about hiking routes marker symbols in Slovakia. This tag only applies to national and regional routes and educational trails.
osmc:symbol=color:white:color_bar/L/triangle/bowl/turned_T/backslash/corner OSMC Marker symbol.
description=* (optional) If the route does not have a name, this can be useful in helping to identify it. Example: Devínska Nová Ves - Devínska Kobyla.


Tag Description
information=guidepost/map guidepost: A pole/post with labels of hiking routes.

map: Bigger panel with map of particular region.

name=* (optional) Name of the guidepost, if available.
ele=number (optional) Elevation above sea-level (in metres).
hiking=yes (optional) Guidepost is part of the hiking trail (i.e. symbol=major).

NOTE: If any guidepost is both part of the hiking trail and also educational trail, it should be tagged with: hiking=yes + education=yes.

Hiking Routes Networks and Numbering

Tag Description Example
network=iwn International hiking routes. These are numbered E3 and E8.
network=nwn Long distance hiking routes. These are marked in red and numbered using a four digit number starting with 0. Example: 0701
network=rwn Blue, green and yellow marked hiking routes. All routes are numbered using a four digit number. Blue routes start with 2, green with 5 and yellow with 8.
network=lwn Local hiking routes. These are marked by red/green/blue/color and their marker differs from national and regional routes. Routes are numbered Mxxxx, e.g. M0123. Use this tag also for educational and roundtrip trails.
Kct-local-blue.svg Kct-learning-green.svg KST-roundtrip-green.svg

Note: In fact, national and regional networks as defined above are part of the same network. However, red is used to denote long distance routes.

Hiking Routes Marker Symbols

Tag Description Example
symbol=major, osmc:symbol=color:white:color_bar Main hiking route.
symbol=ruin, osmc:symbol=color:white:color_L Route branch to a castle ruin.
symbol=shelter, osmc:symbol=color:white:color_house Route branch to a shelter or a chalet.
symbol=peak, osmc:symbol=color:white:color_triangle Route branch to a peak or a viewpoint.
symbol=spring, osmc:symbol=color:white:color_bowl Route branch to a spring.
symbol=climbing Route branch to a climbing rock.
symbol=cave, osmc:symbol=color:white:color_arch Route branch to a cave entrance.
symbol=interesting_object, osmc:symbol=color:white:color_turned_T Route branch to another interesting object.
Kct-interesting object-yellow.svg
symbol=roundtrip, osmc:symbol=color:white:color_dot Circular hiking route.
symbol=spa Rehabilitational circular routes in spas. Colors of stripes denote the length and climb of the route.
symbol=education, osmc:symbol=color:white:color_backslash Educational trail.
symbol=local, osmc:symbol=color:white:color_corner Local trail.