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((DRAFT under construction))

This article is for summarize main discusstions and status of agreements, at, this Wiki, and peripherical channels.


Topopic/Subtopic Status Last sources or endorsement
Wikidata-key is used as Persistent ID at OSM ? ?
... ? ?

Collective decisions at OSM

Topopic/Subtopic Status Last sources of discussion/agreements
Wikidata as Permanent_ID / will be an anchor for Permanent_ID ? ?
Wikidata references should be unique as possible ? ?

Collective decisions at Wikidata

... see

Agreements OSM/Wikidata

There are some possibility of formal or informal agreements?


... details go here ...

Object vs Field

The Wikidata concepts are like objects, but sometimes OSM's Map Features are like fields.

Objects and fields are GIS notions, see Goodc1992, CovGoo2002, SmithMark2003, psu-geog486.