Windsor and Maidenhead

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Windsor and Maidenhead, South East England

latitude: 51.457, longitude: -0.69
Browse map of Windsor and Maidenhead 51°27′25.20″ N, 0°41′24.00″ W
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Windsor and Maidenhead is an unitary authority in South East England at latitude 51°27′25.20″ North, longitude 0°41′24.00″ West.

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The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (wikipedia, official site) is a Unitary Authority formed from the former administrative county of Berkshire. Together with the unitary authorities of Bracknell Forest, Reading, Slough, West Berkshire, and Wokingham it forms the ceremonial county of Berkshire.

It includes a small part of the historical/ceremonial county of Buckinghamshire (villages of Eton, Datchet and Wraysbury). The area includes: two mid-sized towns, Windsor and Maidenhead; smaller centres such as Ascot, and Sunningdale; and a number of villages. The abbreviation RbWaM is used frequently below.

Status by area (cake slice)

To aid evaluation of progress RBWaM has been divided into a number of areas, known according to OSM convention as cake slices. Note that these are big slices: too large for individual mapping efforts.

For the details of symbols and colour coding see full legend template. Simply, Green is best, red worst for usability.

Cake Slice District Status Remarks Mapped / Checked by
1 Maidenhead (North) 51°31′48.00″ N, 0°43′56.28″ W
Maidenhead N of the Great Western railway line, i.e., all of the centre and older suburbs.
Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4) Good coverage.
2 The Cookhams 51°33′00.00″ N, 0°43′58.80″ W
Villages of Cookham, Cookham Dean and Cookham Rise, with Bisham Woods and National Trust land of Cookham Commons. Wind in the Willows country!
Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4) Good coverage.
3 Hurley 51°33′05.76″ N, 0°48′28.80″ W
Villages of Hurley and Bisham. Bounded to N by Thames, to S by Henley Road and to E by A404(M).
Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4) Good coverage.
4 Warren Row and Knowl Hill 51°31′32.52″ N, 0°48′50.40″ W
Rural country of rolling chalkland with several small hamlets, and lots of woodland. Bounded by A4 to S, A404(M) to E and Henley Road to N
Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4) Good coverage. Many footpaths and bridleways already there.
5 Littlewick Green 51°30′10.44″ N, 0°48′00.36″ W
Bounded to N by A4 and to S by Great Western.
Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4) Good coverage.
6 The Walthams 51°29′08.88″ N, 0°46′37.20″ W
Bounded to N by Great Western and to S by M4.
Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4) Good coverage.
7 Maidenhead (S) and Bray 51°30′29.88″ N, 0°44′02.40″ W
Village of Bray and the Maidenhead suburbs of Cox Green, Fisheries, Braywick. Bounded to N by Great Western railway and to S by M4.
Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4) Good coverage.
8 Holyport and Fifield 51°29′24.00″ N, 0°41′16.80″ W
Bounded by Thames to N and B3024 to S and A330 to W.
Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4) Good coverage.
9 Windsor 51°28′48.00″ N, 0°37′40.80″ W
Built-up Windsor N & W of the Royal Parks, and Legoland. Bounded by Thames to N and to W by B3383.
Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4) Good coverage.
10 Windsor Home Park 51°28′37.20″ N, 0°35′42.00″ W
The Queen's back garden. Separated as cake slice as much may be inaccessible, and is certainly well policed. There is a 9-hole golf course.
Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4) Good coverage.
11 Old Windsor 51°27′25.20″ N, 0°34′44.40″ W
Between the Windsor Royal Parks and the Thames.
Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4) Good coverage.
12 Windsor Great Park 51°26′16.80″ N, 0°36′25.20″ W
Some of the park is in Surrey.
Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4) Good coverage.
13 Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale 51°24′25.20″ N, 0°39′00.00″ W
a small 'panhandle', included in the borough presumably because its too posh for Bracknell.
Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4) Good coverage.
14 RBWaM Slice 14 51°30′00.00″ N, 0°42′00.00″ W Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4) Good coverage. Many footpaths and bridleways already there.
15 RBWaM Slice 15 51°30′00.00″ N, 0°45′00.00″ W Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4) Good coverage.
16 RBWaM Slice 16 51°30′00.00″ N, 0°48′00.00″ W Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4) Good coverage.
17 Villages N of the Thames 52°57′14.22″ N, 1°08′49.02″ W Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4) Good coverage.