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Creating a new OSMF Working Group

There is currently no process by which to create a new OSMF Working Group. Current Working Groups have been formed in an ad-hoc manner. The outline of a formal process was discussed by the Management Team but has not been revised or ratified. Submitted here for your improvements...

Unofficial Proceedure to Create a New OSMF Working Group

This proceedure was originally proposed by MT member, Andy Allan:

A new working group can be proposed by members of the Foundation.
  • The working group needs to be proposed by three members of the Foundation, and
  • To have agreement of one Board member to act as the initial mentor.
  • The proposal should include the purpose of the working group,
  • including its scope,
  • remit, and
  • estimated first year's budget.
  • The proposal is submitted to the Management Team email list
The Management Team can consider the proposal at a Management Team meeting and approve, reject, or request changes and re-submission of the proposal.