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The OpenStreetMap Foundation has several Working Groups, authorized by the board to execute specific tasks on behalf of the Board and/or the Foundation and/or the larger OSM community.

Current OSMF Working Groups

Data Working Group

The Data Working Group ( is authorised by the Foundation to deal with accusations of copyright infringement and serious Disputes and Vandalism. Minor incidents of vandalism should be dealt with by the local community using counter-vandalism tools and processes.

License Working Group

The licensing working group (LWG) was set up on 23rd December 2008 at a meeting of the Foundation board.

Operations Working Group

One of the foundation Working Groups, the Operations Working group (OWG) is a new name for the "Technical Working Group". It is responsible for proposing the budget for, and running of the servers owned by the OpenStreetMap Foundation.

The key priority for this group is ensuring the operation and smooth running of the XML editing API and data distribution services (planet files and diff updates). Secondary priorities include the operation of the other OSMF servers.

Communication Working Group

One of the foundation Working Groups, the Communication Working Group was formed in 2010.

The Communication Working Group has begun with an initial focus on communication between the OSMF (Board and Working Groups), its members, and the public. The Communication Working Group will create guidelines and frameworks to facilitate appropriate communication between entities like the Board and other working groups, ensuring their activities and achievements are communicated effectively to the rest of the community and wider public.

Engineering Working Group

info to follow.

State of the Map Organizing Committee

One of the foundation Working Groups, the StateoftheMap Organizing Committee are responsible for the organization and execution of the annual OpenStreetMap Foundation Conference "The State of the Map".

Management Team

The Management Team is the executive body of the Foundation. It is formed by a member of each of the Working Groups.

It's task are amongst others:

  • Regular feedback from/to the working groups
  • Scoping of working groups
  • Review budgets and financials

Proposing a new OSMF Working Group

No formal process currently exists for proposing new Working Groups. One process was proposed.

Inactive OSMF Working Groups

Former, inactive or disbanded working groups are listed here.

  • User experience Working Group
  • Local chapters Working Group
  • Technical Working Group (now called Operations Working Group)
  • Strategic Working Group