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The Operations Working Group (OWG) is responsible for proposing the budget for, and running of the servers owned by the OpenStreetMap Foundation.


Domain name Priority[1] Description Usage policy
api.openstreetmap.org P1 the editing API API Usage Policy
planet.openstreetmap.org P1 distribution of planet files and diffs use torrents or a mirror if possible
www.openstreetmap.org P1 the web front end Terms of Use
tile.openstreetmap.org P2 raster tile provider Tile Usage Policy
nominatim.openstreetmap.org P2 Nominatim instance Nominatim Usage Policy
wiki.openstreetmap.org P2 this wiki
taginfo.openstreetmap.org P3 Taginfo instance
community.openstreetmap.org P3 the community forum

Note that the OWG operates more services than listed in this table; the table is just meant to give you an overview over the most important services.


Please respect the usage policies of the services linked in the above table. Other policies of the OWG include:


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