2nd 3D Workshop Garching

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Members of the OpenStreetMap community with interest in 3D mapping and development met for the second time at the 3D Workshop This meeting adressed open/not well arranged aspects of 3D in OSM.


During the weekend we could talk about the most aspects.


Name Project From Arrival Accomodation
Andreas Balzer
Flag of Germany Germany Munich underground own flat
Marek Strassenburg-Kleciak OSM-4D Flag of Germany Germany Garching,Flag of Poland Poland by foot own flat
Matthias Meißer
Open3DMap Flag of Germany Germany M-V train from Rostock @Mareks house :)
Andreas Hubel
Flag of Germany Germany München bike or underground own flat
Tobias Knerr
OSM2World Flag of Germany Germany BY train from Passau privat
Peter Barth
OSM2World slippymap Flag of Germany Germany BY car from either Passau or Au_in_der_Hallertau parents home ;)
Matthias Uden
OpenBuildingModels, OSM-3D Flag of Germany Germany Heidelberg train from Heidelberg, arr. Fr dept. Su friends/relatives
Arne Schilling
former OSM-3D Flag of Germany Germany München by car at home
Nils Breyer
Osm2pov Flag of Germany Germany Brunswick train, arrival Friday, at ~16:00, departure Su, 18.03. (night train) Hotel Maria's Inn, Garching
Aleš Janda
Aleš Janda
Osm2pov Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic train from Prague, probably in Friday evening hotel
Oliver Lewis
Flag of UK UKFlag of Germany Germany München by car at home
Rainer Jochem
XML3D Flag of Germany Germany Saarbrücken by car from Saarbrücken on Friday hotel
Vladimir Elistratov
Google Sketchup Plugin Flag of Russia Russia Plane Moscow-Munich, arrival on Friday at 17.35 Mareks house
Tomasz Kędziora
Kendzi3d Flag of Poland Poland by car with Łódź team Hotel Maria's Inn, Garching
Rafał Jachowicz
Adam Wulkiewicz
Maciej Łaski
TU Łódź OSM-4D Flag of Poland Poland by car Hotel Maria's Inn, Garching
Kateryna Saliy
Viktor Samokhin
visitors Flag of Ukraine Ukraine train own flat


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