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For more serious use in interactive worlds, see Simulators.

Gamification of map contributions

Games using OpenStreetMap data

In the game itself

For services around the games

Game map converters

  • Minecraft - At least one person has generated blocky 3D minecraft maps from OSM data

Board games

Game development tools

  • Unity – listing of OSM-based game development tools

Retro gaming-styled maps

Not actual game data converters, but styles inspired by games:


  • GSoC Project Ideas 2011#OSM 4 games a modularized exporter for different game genres
  • OSM Worms: Worms crawling along the roads and eating cars. They grow longer and longer. They are slower on smaller roads.
  • OSM Packman: Fight the ghosts in your own neighborhoods roads and ways [Blog]
  • ZombieMap
  • 911-operator - Kickstarter funded game (under development)

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