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+/- boundary

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The boundary tag is used to mark the borders of areas, mostly political, but possibly also of other administrative areas.



Used on these elements

should not be used on nodes may be used on ways may be used on areas may be used on relations

Useful combination

admin_level, border_type


Approved approved feature


See also Boundaries

Boundaries mark the borders of areas, mostly political, but also of other administrative areas. See Boundaries for more details.


See below for the main values of the boundary key:

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
boundary administrative Area An administrative boundary. Subdivisions of areas/territories/jurisdictions recognised by governments or other organisations for administrative purposes. These range from large groups of nation states right down to small administrative districts and suburbs, as indicated by the 'admin_level=*' combo tag
Lake city sign.jpg
boundary maritime Area Maritime boundaries
boundary national_park Area Area of outstanding natural beauty, set aside for conservation and for recreation (Other languages)
Rendering-area-boundary-national park.png
Kings Canyon NP Sign.JPG
boundary political Area Electoral boundaries
boundary postal_code Area Postal code boundaries
boundary religious_administration Area An religious administrative boundary.
See: Talk:Key:boundary#Religious authority boundaries
boundary protected_area Area Protected areas, such as for national-parks, water protection areas or indigenous areas.
border_type * Way Area To distinguish between types of boundary where admin_level isn't enough. Used in several different ways e.g in maritime contexts
boundary user defined Node Way All commonly used values according to Taginfo
admin_level Number Area Applies to boundary=administrative and is usually in the range 1 to 10, except for Germany where it might be 11 - see boundary.

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