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The boundary tag is used to mark the borders of areas, mostly political, but possibly also of other administrative areas.
Gruppe: Boundaries
für diese Elemente
should not be used on nodes 
Kann Linien zugeordnet werden
Kann Flächen zugeordnet werden
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Dokumentierte Werte: 31
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Status: Akzeptiert



Schlüssel Wert Element Kommentar Darstellung Foto
boundary administrative Area Verwaltungsgrenze: Staatsgrenze, Bundesland, Lankreis, Stadt, Gemeinde, Ortsteil. Die Zugehörigkeit der Grenzlinie ist mit admin_level=* anzugeben.
Lake city sign.jpg
boundary maritime Area Seegrenzen (3 / 12 Meilen Zone)
boundary national_park Area Nationalpark
Rendering-area-boundary-national park.png
Kings Canyon NP Sign.JPG
boundary political Area Wahlkreis (Grenzen der Wahlbezirke)
boundary postal_code Area Postleitzahlengrenzen
boundary religious_administration Area An religious administrative boundary.
See: Talk:Key:boundary#Religious authority boundaries
boundary protected_area Area Grenzen von Schutzgebieten verschiedener Kategorie
border_type * Way Area To distinguish between types of boundary where admin_level isn't enough. Used in several different ways e.g in maritime contexts
fire_boundary yes Way Tag fire_boundary used to mark the boundaries of the areas of fire brigades out within the project Karta01.
boundary user defined Node Way All commonly used values according to Taginfo


admin_level Number Area Applies to boundary=administrative and is usually in the range 1 to 10, except for Germany where it might be 11 – see boundary.

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