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Доступные языки — Good changeset comments
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Что такое комментарий к пакету правок?

Пакет правок — это набор изменений, сделанных одним пользователем за относительно небольшой отрезок времени.

Когда вы загружаете правки на сервер, программа редактирования предложит вам ввести описание пакета правок. Внизу показаны такие окна редакторов Potlatch и JOSM соответственно:

ChangesetComment-Potlatch-English.png ChangesetComment-JOSM-English.png

Комментарий, что вы вводите, будет отображаться вместе с вашими правками во многих случаях, например, когда кто-нибудь изучает историю объекта или смотрит список всех правок в области.

Зачем мне писать комментарии к правкам?

Есть множество причин, почему вы должны сделать комментарий к своей правке для описания внесенных изменений:

  • Из вежливости к вашим коллегам-картографам, since it makes it easier for them to understand what you have done and why. Not using a changeset comment has the air of "it's none of your business what I did here and why" and doesn't fit well with a project where we're all working on the same thing!
  • Во избежание недоразумений и быстрого исправления ошибок - if an edit with a changeset comment of "traced a couple houses from Bing" deletes 50 restaurants then it is immediately clear that this must have been a mistake, whereas a changeset comment of "removing restaurants which I found to have closed during last week's survey" makes it clear that you really meant to delete these restaurants for a good reason.
  • Увеличить ценность ваших правок и предотвратить войну правок by explaining why you did something and what your sources were. If someone finds you have added a house that is not visible on their aerial image they might be tempted to delete it, but if your changeset comment says "added newly erected building" then they will think twice!

Some mappers also use the changeset comment to record things they have *not*, or not yet, done ("... but this still needs more work", "... but area west of river still missing" or so).

There are situations where it is evident what a changeset is about - especially if it affects only a single object - but these situations are less common than you might think. If you have fixed a typo, a changeset comment of "fixed typo" still makes it clear that this was indeed what you intended, rather than your cat playing with the keyboard again!


A good changeset comment should concisely and adequately describe an edit. Real examples of good changeset comments include:

  • "Updating Danish street addresses from OSAK (AWS): Bag Hegnet"
  • "Achtung: Die gelöschten Gebäude wurden Ende 2010 abgerissen. Bitte nicht wieder einzeichnen!!!" (German for "Attention, the deleted buildings have been razed end of 2010, please don't add them again")
  • "Add a footpath link from Donnington Close to Roman Way based on local knowledge"
  • "Updated Algonquin Park boundary"
  • "Add country roads and cycleway SE of Newport"
  • "Köln: Nicht-Kreisverkehre, 'junction=roundabout' entfernt, Vz 215 nicht vorhanden" (German for "Cologne: Removed junction=roundabout from non-roundabouts, traffic sign 215 not present")
  • "added a few tidal inlets to the coastline of Maranhão"
  • "Added buildings in industrial area."
  • "Bike route Stora Vargleden. Roads and paths in Tiveden."
  • "Added details in Upper Ferntree Gully - Montrose Victoria, Australia from bing and survey following redaction bot."
  • "Updated roads near Wolf Lake Bemiji MN based on satellite photos."
  • "Added Hawthorn Pond Natural area (Holland Twp. MI), its pathways and amenities."
  • "Correct pier border for LSO harbour"
  • "Added houses and house numbers based on Bing and local knowlege. Some house numbers could sadly not be found."

Some changeset comments are useless and bring none of the benefits that a changeset comment can bring - again real examples:

  • "BBOX:3.23,41.96,3.23,41.96 ADD:14 UPD:0 DEL:0"
  • "Edit uploaded via ArcGIS Editor for OpenStreetMap feature service dec20 at 1/13/2012 9:56:00 AM"
  • "some fixes"
  • "additions to map"
  • "--"

But there are comments that are even worse than useless - again real examples:

  • "Can the idiots who code this stuff please learn to give useful error messages."
  • "F*** Potlach2, tired of fixing the after effects of this bug"
  • "F*** Merkaartor SVN."
  • "dfshksdhkhksdfhkasf (stupid JOSM requirement)"
  • "Warum ich wann wo war geht niemand dritten etwas an." (German for "Where I was, and why and when, is nobody's business")

Please remember that your changeset comments will remain in the database for as long as the project lives; don't use them to vent anger at software or at your fellow mappers who might have prompted you to fix something, or might have questioned your sources.

Будьте осторожны, дополняя открытый пакет правок

When you upload a changeset and specify a changeset description, the editor does not always immediately close the changeset, and subsequent edits may be added to the same changeset and therefore share the same changeset comment.

If you have finished one editing job and are starting something else, make sure to have this "something else" recorded in a separate changeset, with its own appropriate changeset comment. Potlatch appends your edits to an existing changeset by default, but you can type "C" to close the current changeset. JOSM creates a new changeset for every upload by default, but you can change that setting from the upload dialog.

Повторное использование комментариев

Most editors will allow you to re-use an older comment by showing them in a drop-down box. This might make sense at times, but don't fall into the "convenience trap" of using too generic comments ("some fixes") just so that you can re-use them for all your edits. This makes the comments worthless. Also take care not to apply an older comment that doesn't match your edits.

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