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Bread in shop window at Borough Market.jpg
A shop selling bread.
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A Wikipedia-16px.png bakery is a shop selling bread.

Bakeries normally bake fresh bread on the premises. Normally also sell pastries, cakes, etc. Often do fresh sandwiches or baguettes. Often do decorated cakes.

How to map

Set a node Node or draw as an area Area along the building outline. Add the tag shop=bakery and name=*.

Tags to use in combination

  1. Note: The "diet:" prefix has been approved by a vote, and is the most common tagging style for other dietary options, but for gluten_free specifically, the variant without the prefix has been used more frequently.

If a cafe is in the same building add another point and the corresponding properties. (See One feature, one OSM element)

Similar tags

  • shop=confectionery tag may cover certain types of shops selling pastries and cakes, where the shop wouldn't fit the description as a bakery (e.g. if there's no baking happening on the premises). shop=confectionery is mainly for shops selling sweets, chocolates etc.
  • shop=pastry


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