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Example scanned printout from Walking Papers with handwritten annotations of new map data to add. Note the corner symbols and 2D barcode.
Surveying with walking papers

Walking Papers is a service that allows you to print out an OSM map, annotate it, and scan your annotations back in so that you can add new features to OSM.

The key feature of walking papers is the ability to very easily create an A4 map printout. It generates a PDF stitching tiles taken OpenStreetMap or a choice of several other OSM-based tile providers.

Walking Papers was designed by Mike Migurski of Stamen Design.

New Field Papers

In 2012 they have launched Field Papers (new) which is continuation of the walking papers concept, with new multi-page atlas feature, and a specially designed printable map style. Field papers largely supersedes Walking Papers. In fact...

Scanning currently broken

[1]. You can still use walking papers as an easy way of getting a printout. For scanning cleverness you will currently need to use Field Papers

Supported by editors:

Walking Papers includes Potlatch embedded into its main page so you can edit directly after scanning in a printout. On the server it generates a tile layer using the bitmap image of your scanned printout, and using the geolocation information encoded in the 2d barcode, and positioning of the corner symbols.

JOSM also supports walking papers via the plugin: JOSM/Plugins/WalkingPapers. This lets you bring in the same generated tiles as a background layer

Documentation and Questions

Some scans may not align themselves correctly to the map, like this one which also has "License status overlay" option turned on. Please help if you know what could cause this.

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