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MENTZ is a software company that offers solutions for public transport. On this Wiki page we would like to present what we do and further, our proposals for the public transport tagging schema. For more detailed information please go to our German Wiki page or contact us.

About us

Who we are

We, the MENTZ GmbH, offer software solutions for public transport. These are examples for journey planners operated with our products:


Our goal is to support sustainable mobility for all means of transport. No matter if this means public transport, walking, biking or a combination of all of them in the form of intermodal transport. Furthermore the topic of barrier free mobility is of great importance to us. On behalf of the German federal states (Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, Saxony, Mecklenburg Vorpommern) and a range of public transport authorities and operators we are currently working on the further development of intemodal journey planners. Our clients have a strong interest in using OSM data as basis for transport information. We want to help them with that.


SotM-EU 2014 Talk by Thomas Jakubicka on "The use of OpenStreetMap Data in Journey Planning". [SotM-EU 2014]

FOSSGIS 2015 Talk by Thomas Jakubicka on "Indoor routing in public transport stations, using OpenStreetMap Data". [FOSSGIS 2015]


If you have suggestions, questions or critic Oliver and Tracy are looking forward to hearing from you via MENTZ support or through our OSM account "MentzDV".
In the mailinglist "talk-de" and in the OpenStreetMap Forum we are posting under the name "MentzDV".

Users that work for us


You can find the proposals for our tagging schemes here:

  1. Transport Routes
  2. Public Transport
  3. Indoor
  4. POI
  5. POI (seltener genutzt)