2010 Yushu earthquake

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The 2010 Yushu earthquake struck on April 14, 2010, and registered a magnitude of 6.9. The epicentre is near the town of Gyêgu (sometimes called Jeiju, or Yushu) (map) in Qinghai, China, at 7:49 AM local time. ~600 people died.

Nice terrain map of Yushu is provided by OpenCycleMap

At the time we were using Yahoo! Aerial Imagery (prior to Bing), and this had no coverage of Yushu, so there wasn't really a great deal of mapping we could do there. These days bing covers Yushu nicely (Plenty of mapping to do, but no longer an emergency!) The following is old advice/info.

Old 'Mapping to do' info

Around Yushu

Any useful landsat mapping to do in the area? We could probably fill in lots of rivers around these mountain ranges, since valley shapes are very pronounced.

A worldwide non-current 30m per pixel LANDSAT Global Mosaic WMS server is provided at NASA's OnEarth site. Tested from Merkaartor for other parts of the world, works well. If it is too dark adjusting the opacity can help. Also daily MODIS imagery is available from there, but at a less useful 250m per pixel. (daily images may contain clouds and holes)

(RSS feed of changes around Yushu from OWL)

Xining city

There is good crisp yahoo imagery for Xining city (map) and lots of sketching to do. This is not a disaster priority, but might be an interesting demo of what we can do.

(RSS feed of changes around Xining from OWL)

Old 'Imagery needed' note

If we had access to good aerial/satellite imagery for Yushu the OpenStreetMap community could create a good map quickly, which might help save lives, as we did in Haiti.

  • It wouldn't necessarily need to be post-quake imagery. We can build a good street map with old imagery
  • It wouldn't need to be super high resolution, just something better than Landsat
  • It wouldn't need to be served from your server. If you can get the data to one of us, we have servers.
  • It wouldn't need to be set up as a tile service or WMS. We have the know-how to set up these things from raw geotiffs and other formats.
  • It wouldn't need to be a free release for any purposes. We just need to derive vector data from the imagery. We can discourage other uses and add copyright notices.

We do need permission to derive vector data from the images. We're not interested in access to stolen imagery. We need permission to use it from those who own it. The vector data (maps) will be released free for re-use. We also need to the serve imagery tiles to the editing software as an open tile server.

GeoEye has imagery. They haven't released it to the public domain this time. Anyone know more?