2013 Colorado Floods

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Information about this mapping project
2013 Colorado Floods have occurred during the month of September 2013 in the State of Colorado USA.

View the map on OpenStreetMap - Approximate region affected. This wiki page is to coordinate remote mapping for OpenStreetMap contributors around the world. Collaboration of people with contacts in the region would greatly help to adjust to the priorities of the humanitarians on the field.

Identification of priorities and local facilities to support displaced people

If you are in contact with local NGO or you have knowledge of the area, you can contribute to geolocate and describe various public facilities and shelters. Please report any established priorities expressed by the local NGO's to the HOT Discussion list and/or the US Discussion list. This will facilitate the coordination with contributors.

Local mapping information

Many areas of Colorado experienced flooding. More information can be found at the Colorado Office of Emergency Management website.

Remote mapping work to do

  • Need sources of information on closed/damaged/destroyed roads, the highest mapping priority remains updating the road infrastructure.

This website tomnod - Colorado Floods is attempting to capture data.


  • Note: best practices for mapping damaged/destroyed roads is under discussion on the Talk-US list

Until information is available, all closed roads (or sections) can be tagged access=no

As information becomes available on road/bridge damage, several options for mapping are available:

  • For severely damaged/destroyed roads/bridges it may be best to completely remove that section of road, especially if landscape changes or plans for alternate re-construction are present.
  • As road construction plans are made available use highway=proposed or highway=construction
  • For those roads that have minor damage or a bridge which will likely be replaced in near identical position: remove the section (i.e. cut the section from the way) and tag damaged:highway=* and/or destroyed:bridge=yes

See Highways for more information on tagging roads.

River/Stream mapping

You can help by tracing the 'historic' paths of rivers and streams; this may help determine where roads/bridges are likely damaged/destroyed.

Landuse mapping

It is also important to locate the residential/commercial areas, to trace a polygon around these areas and to add the tag landuse=residential or landuse=commercial.