2013 Lushan earthquake

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2013 Lushan earthquake struck Lushan County China with an epicentre at 30.29,102.96. Read more on wikipedia:2013 Lushan earthquake. According to some reports, Chinese emergency responders are handling this well.

Getting our maps

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Browse our map of the area

You may prefer A map with terrain (OpenCycleMap presents terrain based on NASA SRTM elevation data)

For downloading data for your GIS, in general see Downloading data. There are geofabrik downloads for China.

Help improve the maps

Note that it may be against chinese law to make maps!

A specific Tasking Manager job has been created from the umap showing the available Spot5 imagery (see below) coverage, the location of the epicenter and the most afected areas, that have been confirmed by our contact (see HOT list).

Probably another good thing to focus on is the city of Chengdu here. This big city, although only mildly effected by the earthquake, has bing imagery coverage. Some data fixup was needed. Now there's just more detail to add.

Beware issues with armchair mapping. There may be a community of local mappers there.

Imagery available

This part of china has various strips of bing coverage (coverage map)

Closer to the epicenter, there is now a Spot 5, 2.5 m resolution, image of Ya'an and of a part of Lushan county available.

The Spot 5 archive image made available by the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (through the link given by Qiyang), taken on 20090603, with a resolution of 2.5 m (pansharpened to bring the resolution of the color bands to the higher resolution of the panchromatic band) is available as a Tile Map Service (TMS), in epsg:3857, from : http://osm.arkemie.org/cgi-bin/tiles/1.0.0/yaan_spot5_pxs/

It can be accessed in JOSM editor by adding an image layer with address:


There is also a panchromatic layer (black and white), which combines this Spot 5 image with a lower resolution Spot 4 20110409 image that extends coverage to the North-East. Address for JOSM: