2014 London HOT Congo Mapathon/Mapping instructions

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Some basic instructions for the 2014 London HOT Congo Mapathon

Sign up on OpenStreetMap.org

  • Go to OpenStreetMap.org
  • Try searching 'Lubumbashi' ... 'GO'
  • Click 'Sign up' in the top right
  • Fill in the form. Choose your display name e.g. your real name
  • Check your email, to activate your account.

Install JOSM

  • Google for 'JOSM'
  • Download josm-tested.jar (or the MacOSX dwg file)
  • Start it up
  • 'cancel' the updates (nothing to update. It's new!)
  • Open the JOSM 'Preferences' (There's a toolbar button)

On the left are various icons.

  • You can change your language on the first icon under 'look & feel'.
  • On the second icon are options for putting in your username & password (or authenticated with OAuth if you prefer)

Note: You can get started with JOSM without sorting out this connection, but when you come to upload edits, it will prompt you.

  • 4th icon - plug - install 'building tools' - big help tracing buildings.
  • 9th icon (looks like a TV remote) - tick box 'enable remote control' when you click on a link in Tasking manager it will now load the task square into JOSM - same with imagery.

The mapping!

Job: Basic building mapping

  • Go to the Tasking Manager: tasks.hotosm.org
  • On the list of jobs, find one called "RDC Lubumbashi / Kampemba HOT - MSF UK" ( http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/459 )
  • Read the 'instructions' tab
  • Click on a task
  • Click the green button "Yes. I want to work on this task"
  • Click on the "JOSM" button to download your task square

If you go back to JOSM now you should see a square of data downloaded.

job: Kongolo roads mapping

Job: Field papers

This one is a bit more complicated. We will do a demo.

Read more at Lubumbashi#HOT and MSF UK in Lubumbashi