2014 Paraguay floods

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2014 Paraguay floods were a potential disaster prompting crisis mapping in back June 2014. The floods affected Paraguay and parts of Brazil

11th June report from reliefweb: "River overflow has been affecting Paraguay, due to heavy rainfall over the country since May and over south-eastern Brazil since the beginning of June. According to the latest estimated figures, 31 837 families have been affected throughout Paraguay; however, the number is expected to rapidly increase in the coming days." read more and see overview maps on reliefweb

Old information

Effected area

Bits of purple on the reliefweb map may be the best indication so far, however effected populations will be the towns/cities along the swollen rivers.

Map data available

OpenStreetMap offers free open licensed map data in the region, which anyone is welcome to use. Those coordinating flood response can use our maps to great effect.

Browse the map to see what we have.

Download the whole of South America from geofabrik in shapefile/osm formats. See also Downloading data

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Improving the map

On the whole, the effected area seems very well mapped by local mappers. The city of Asunción for example, has a very active local OpenStreetMap community see the contributor map. The result is evident in the map details already present.

Remote mapping

Some Notes:

Harry spent some time assessing things. Mostly well mapped, but spotted a few things which were logged as "Notes" you could work on. Don't just solve the immediate problem though. Look around for similar omissions around the area:

Bigger jobs:

Probably the best candidate for TM job would be mapping an area of rural roads here West of the river, north of Asuncion. Plenty missing there (though all bit rural)

Rio tebicuary here on the map is mapped, but could have riverbank data added.

Rio Parana has more landuse details on the Argentina (East) side than the Paraguay side (West) here on the map. Or at least it seems that way. So we could work to add more landuse to the west to even it out. Mind you the landuse is genuinely different, with more green forest on the east bank.

Mapaction notes

15th June : MapAction are deploying with UNDAC to Paraguay in response and Ed Manley is asking about OSM map data.

The area of interest is around the south of the Paraguay. OSOCC have also reported states of emergency declared in Alto Paraguay and Presidente Hayes departments (http://vosocc.unocha.org/rss/vo_2842cw6o.html). Another report states that the departments of Misiones and Neembucu are particularly badly affected http://floodlist.com/america/160000-floods-paraguay-june-2014.

More accurate information will follow over the coming days once people are in place.

30th June: Mapaction's team have now apparently returned form Paraguay. (They're off to Iraq next!)