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Development of this script has stopped because I'm now also focussing on Marc's C script, which is probably more scalable

This is a list of AND road tags and values I've used in my import script.

Suggestions from Mapping ANDs Tagging Scheme to OSMs Tagging Scheme are mostly implemented.

All nodes, segments and ways have a source=florisANDimport_1 tag.

Roads file

Field AND descriptive name Format ID Description Implemented?
RD_1 RD_ID N8 ID of roads external-id=15800465
RD_2 N2 0 Used for compatibility with AND format, always ‘0’ ignored
RD_3 RD_LENGTH N5 Road length in hectometers ignored
RD_4 RD_DIRECTION N1 Permitted Traffic Flow
0 Traffic allowed in both directions ignored
1 Traffic allowed from RD_ID_FROM to RD_ID_TO oneway=yes
2 Traffic allowed from RD_ID_TO to RD_ID_FROM oneway=-1
RD_5 RD_TYPE N2 Road classification
1 Motor way highway=motorway
2 Federal highway dual carriage way (motor way characteristics) highway=trunk
we'll have to see which roads have this class
3 Federal highway highway=primary
4 Regional road highway=secondary
5 Local road highway=tertiary
6 Other road highway=unclassified
if RD_21=-1 then highway=pedestrian
7 Ferry (cars and cargo) route=ferry
9 Train ferry (passenger and/or cargo) route=ferry
30 Railway, passenger and/or freight transport railway=rail
50 Link to airports, railway stations highway=service
58 Walking connection between Railway stations highway=footway
59 Virtual connection. Used to connect features in the data that are not linked by any other defined features in the database no data yet with this tag
RD_6 RD_NATION N3 Nation code (table is available _c.lst file) ignored
RD_7 RD_LEVEL N2 Connection level. The connection level of a road expresses the importance of that road. The general classification is as follows: ignored for now, we could do a check to see if there aren't any highway=unclassified with RD_LEVEL=0 (for example)
0 E-roads in Europe
1 Important national roads in such a way that all type 10 to 13 locations are connected.

Scale around 1 : 4,000,000

2 Secondary roads in such a way that all type 10 to 14 locations are connected.

Scale around 1 : 2,000,000

3 Through roads in such a way that all type 10 to 15 locations are connected.

Scale around 1 : 1,000,000

4 Local connector roads in such a way that all type 10 to 16 and 20 to 26 locations are connected.

Scale around 1 : 500,000

5 Other roads

Scale around 1 : 250,000

6 All other roads (streets)
10 All railways
RD_8 RD_DELETED L AND Internal Code ignore
RD_9 RD_SLOW C1 C Slow road type (road within city limits) ignored (primary roads also have this tagged)
RD_10 RD_NAME C60 Road (street) name name=streetname
RD_11 RD_CODE_NAT1 C12 National road number ref=NAT1
RD_12 RD_CODE_NAT2 C12 National road number ref=NAT1;NAT2
RD_13 RD_CODE_NAT3 C12 National road number ref=NAT1;NAT2;NAT3
RD_14 RD_CODE_INT1 C12 International road number int_ref=INT1
RD_15 RD_CODE_INT2 C12 International road number int_ref=INT1;INT2
RD_16 RD_CODE_INT3 C12 International road number int_ref=INT1;INT2;INT3
RD_17 RD_TUNNEL L Tunnel flag tunnel=yes

layer not set if RD_FLOOR is set
RD_18 RD_TOLL L Toll flag toll=yes
RD_19 RD_TIME N5 Ferry journey time in minutes
RD_20 RD_FLOOR N1 Relative height to a crossing feature

1 is below 2 is below 3 etc.
9 if relative height is unknown.

ignored for now, because there's no height difference on Texel, should be layer=...
RD_21 RD_TONNAGE N3 Tonnage admitted on ferry
-1 Only passengers (ferries) – Also used for pedestrian streets/ virtual connections used in RD_5
if RD_5=6 and RD_21=-1 then highway=pedestrian
3 max. 3.5 metric tons maxweight=3.5
28 max. 28 metric tons maxweight=28
40 max. 40 metric tons maxweight=40
99 > 100 tons maxweight=100
i think this will be sufficient for almost all hgv
RD_22 RD_TOLL_CARGO L Toll (for trucks only) flag toll=hgv
RD_23 RD_OTHER C60 Other Attributes:
Sr#1 Slip road segment
Rb#1 Roundabout segment
Lb#1 Lay-by segment
4wd#1 Four wheel drive road segment
Unsealed#1 Unsealed road segments
Fc#[0-4] Functional road class 0 to 4
Lh#1 Long haul
Stub#1 Stub link
hn# Housenumber range

L : left, direction from FNODE_ to TNODE_
R: right, direction from FNODE_ to TNODE_
E: even
O: odd
M: mixed
e.g. hn#LE2-12#RO1-11

but very cool :)
RD_24 RD_PROV N3 Province code (table is available _p.lst file) ignored
RD_25 RD_CITY_ID N11 City code of link (link to ND_ID) ignored
RD_26 RD_MUN_ID N11 Municipality code of link (table is available _m.dbf file) ignored
FNODE_ FNODE_ N12 From node ID of link ignored
TNODE_ TNODE_ N12 To node ID of link ignored