Akihabara mapping party 20120905

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  • Pre-SotM unofficial mapping party at Akihabara, Tokyo.
  • Remap redacted POIs (so many) in Akihabara.
  • Enjoy Japanese sub-culture and junk-foods and shopping.
  • 1st starting time is 10:00, but you can join later at 13:30.

Where and when

You can easily find the guide panel to the "Akihabara Electric Town Exit" in English everywhere in Akihabara Station and Shu Higashi will be waiting 2 times (10:00 and 13:30)at Akihabara Electric Exit of Akihabara Station (outside of the gate) with OSM Paper lantern.

What to bring

  • GPS unit (may not work well due to the buildings)
  • Digital camera
  • Pen & paper (essential)
  • Laptop


  • 10.00: meeting (for 1st group)
  • 10.30: mapping & sightseeing & lunch
  • 13.30: meeting (for 2nd group)
  • 14.00: mapping & sightseeing
  • 16.00: editing at cafe
  • 18.00: end (Move to SotM Pre-conference drinks at Shinjuku?)

Useful links


Anybody can attend the party, come and join us.

If you want to join, please sign down here.

  • 1st group
  1. Shu Higashi
  2. Nick Hocking
  3. Taro Matsuzawa
  • 2nd group
  1. Shu Higashi
  2. Andrew Zaborowski
  3. Sajjad Anwar
  4. Kate Chapman
  5. Hameed Tasal
  6. Katie Filbert
  7. Henk Hoff
  8. Knut Arne Bjørndal


  • Can contact User:higa4 via twitter (@higa4) or facebook(Shu Higashi) or email(higa432@gmail.com) or mobile phone(+81-90-3107-3932)



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