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Amazon Logistics

 Amazon is a large US based online retailer founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5th, 1994. It focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is one of the  Big Five companies in the U.S. information technology industry.

Use of OpenStreetMap

Amazon use OSM data in their delivery programs. In connection with the delivery programs, they collect valuable information such as missing roads, turn restrictions, oneway directions or information that is wrongly mapped in OSM to name a few. The collected information is contributed back to OSM with the help of their editing team.


Amazon welcomes feedback and suggestions on improving their editing process. If you have questions about the editing process, or a specific edit done by Amazon editing team, please drop an email at or post a comment in a changeset. The team maintains a 48hr SLA on working days to respond to any queries. System-users-3.svgDeepika (on osm) is acting as a primary contact person for the team.

Editing process

Amazon uses driver feedback as a primary source in making edits (e.g. feedback about missing/ wrong road names, turn restrictions, directionality while delivering to customers). Amazon also uses GPS traces of delivery partners to identify missing roads. Once a potential missing road/feature is identified, publicly available OSM resources are used to confirm the detection before making an edit. In absence of latest resources, private satellite imagery sources from Maxar or Sanborn are used to take a final call. Facebook released its AI-based detections publicly on 08/09/2019 which is also being used as one of the data sources to manually add missing roads to OSM.

Edits are only pushed to OSM if there is ground data available and edits undergo an internal quality check. They also have a team of experts who audit a random sample of reviewed cases to ensure high standards of edits contributed to OSM.

Editing geographies

Amazon contribute edits to OSM in North America, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UAE and Egypt.

Tools used

Amazon use a forked version of publicly available iD editor to make edits in OSM and takes steps to keep their internal version updated to the latest publicly available iD version. They have a tasking manager developed in-house to organise map errors into tasks and queue them to iD editor. As part of their QA process, they use OSMCha to analyse and review edits. JOSM is used sparingly and only in few scenarios to make complex edits such as dual-carriage ways or reverting wrongly mapped changesets.

Mapping guidelines

Amazon follow the mapping guidelines mentioned in OSM wikis. The major wiki’s we refer to during training are:


  1. What is the relationship between Amazon and the private imagery providers?
    Amazon obtains a license from private imagery providers to contribute edits to OSM derived from their imagery sources. Once the data is added to OSM, the data will fall under ODbL licensing terms.
  2. Is private imagery more recent than publicly available resources?
    The objective to use a private imagery source is to provide more recent/updated information to the editor while making an edit in doubtful situations. But it is not guaranteed that every location has updated or more recent imagery. Hence, the first truthing source is always going to be publicly available resources and in case of challenges private images will be used.
  3. Are all Amazon edits made using private imagery?
    No, only when the editors were not able to make a decision using publicly available resources, private imagery is used.
  4. How are roads added to OSM from FB-AI detections?
    Facebook detected missing roads from DigitalGlobe Vivid+ imagery where they received a license from DigitalGlobe to contribute the detected missing roads to OSM. As per the license information stated in Facebook OSM wiki on MapWithAI, FAQs and GitHub, Facebook permits adding the roads detected by Facebook to OSM.
  5. How can FB_AI edits be differentiated from other edits made by Amazon?
    All the edits contributed to OSM using Facebook detections will be given the following hashtag: #MapWithAI
  6. What is the editing process followed by editing team to add FB-AI detected roads to OSM?
    Editors are going to use regular iD editor or RapiD editor to manually trace roads to OSM using FB-AI detections as one of the sources along with available satellite imageries. The team is not going to use JOSM for these edits.
  7. Does Amazon participate in Humanitarian OpenStreetMap (HOT) projects?
    Yes, Amazon participate in HOT projects by mapping missing buildings and roads in disaster prone areas. In the past Amazon participated in HOT activities related to Kerala Flood’s mapping in India & by mapping remote localities in Peru in support of COVID19 outbreak. Our employees are also encouraged to participate in HOT mapathons in their free time.
  8. How to differentiate Amazon edits from other edits?
    Edits contributed to OSM from Amazon team will be added with the following hashtag in every changeset: #amap

Editing team

Amazon's editing team is based out of India, where they contribute to OSM by adding missing roads, turn restrictions, oneway directions and fix road connectivity errors to name a few. When they hear a feedback or get changeset comments, they take it as a top priority and take appropriate actions to their edits in OSM.

Current users


Here are the list of the Amazon editors who edit in OSM.



Here are the list of second level Amazon reviewers/auditors who review the edits made in OSM by all Amazon editors.

Reviewers/ Auditors

Previous users-1

Here are the list of editors & second level Amazon reviewers/auditors who worked on OSM with Amazon in the past, but no longer do.

Previous Users