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Arafo, Tenerife, Canary Islands

latitude: 28.3587, longitude: -16.4234
Browse map of Arafo 28°21′31.32″ N, 16°25′24.24″ W
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Arafo is a municipality in Tenerife, Canary Islands at latitude 28°21′31.32″ North, longitude 16°25′24.24″ West.

Populated places

Name id place=* Population[1] Notes
Arafo node 243672824 village 4139
La Hidalga node 866340655 hamlet 1358
Playa de Lima node 3075991288 hamlet 90
El Carretón node 2104296400 hamlet 84

Street names

Almost completed in 2012 using Cadastre and on the ground data. There is a project to verify street names in OSM, checking that they all have a name and that it is correct. Collect information on the ground and tag your changesets with the comment "#1calle1nombre Arafo".

It is necessary to collect information from outside the village of Arafo. Download this osm file to consult the priority roads to review.

Buildings and addresses

Completed the Urban Cadastre import de Catastro Urbano en 2014. Soon it will be replaced with the new building import.