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This will be a friendly meetup of OpenStreetMappers in Brisbane, hopefully with a few interested newbies thrown into the mix.

NOTE: October's mapping meetup has been cancelled due to lack of interest. Details on future events will be provided in the near future.

When: Monday 18th October 2010

Where: Grange Library, Queensland

The Plan

18:30-22:00 Sit-down mapping at Grange Library

Please feel free to bring your laptop if you wish.

I'm trying to organise some alcoholic (and otherwise) drinks for the meetup, and we'll probably order a few pizzas on the night. If you are coming, please bring $10 to help pay for this (We'll work out the specific details on the night

We'll also be having some virtual attendees via the #osm-au channel (available at, so feel free to join us there if you can't physically make it to Grange.

The Map

This mapping party will be a little different than usual. This time we want to get together and help each other improve our mapping skills by doing some sit-down mapping of the Greater Brisbane area. Whether it's Potlatch, JOSM, Merkaartor, Mapzen or something else, we will show each other how we do our mapping, and pass on our tips and tricks.

You are welcome to map however and wherever you want, but here are a few ideas for the day:

  • Fix errors in OpenStreetMap data using KeepRight and OpenStreetBugs
  • Improve the alignment of old Yahoo-traced data using NearMap
  • Help add roads and other features using NearMap imagery
  • Clean up administrative boundaries
  • Get help adding that feature you weren't sure how to add
  • something else (feel free to add ideas here)

However, if you aren't sure what to do, please let me know, and I'll be glad to get you started.

Who's coming?

Anybody is welcome. Please RSVP to David Dean using the contact details below, or just add your name below if you have the technology.


David Dean or email, mobile 0407151912, twitter @dbdean