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Changing footway=both/right/left/none to sidewalk=both/right/left/none

Today we have two options to map a sidewalk as additional tag to highway=*. These are footway=both/right/left/none and sidewalk=both/right/left/none. Both keys means the same.

We have also an approved feature to use footway=sidewalk for highway=footway. See Proposed features/Sidewalk as separate way. This is a little bit confusing.

I suggest to set footway=both/right/left/none deprecated and retag it to sidewalk=both/right/left/none. I can do some of this work with XAPI and JOSM. The database will get clearer. The technique of tagging the sidewalks as additional tag is not involved, nor changed.

According to Automated Edits code of conduct I start this discussion also in the OSM forum.

This proposal was rejected and reverted. I will make a new attempt for Germany only. See DE_talk:Key:footway. --Rudolf 15:06, 23 August 2012 (BST)