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I, kubahahaha with my bot account.


Preferably message via OSM.


Retagging run - edit finished.

stage link status
Community discussion OSM forum discussed
NSI templates changed Github PR merged
Retagging run Alior, BPS, Pekao, BNP Paribas, Polbank & Eurobank, Getin, ING, mBank, Millenium, Nest Bank, PKO BP finished


Unifying banks tagging across Poland. Edit is restricted to Poland.


Database contains many defunct brands. Others have incorrect names etc. Consistent tagging is available thanks to NSI.


My approach is:

Edit existing brands

  1. Select as many POIs in Poland referencing amenity=bank of specific brands. Overpass queries are in table below.
  2. Change brand=*, brand:wikidata=* and brand:wikipedia=* to those referenced on NSI.
  3. If name=* does not provide additional information (ref/branch number) it should be changed to NSI's one.

From editing name I will exclude object with keywords "filia" or "oddział" - by this Regex:


Remove defunct brands

There are non-existing bank brands in database. My proposal is to add fixme tag to such places. That would happen for:

  • Eurobank (Poland),
  • Raiffeisen Polbank.

Edit NSI templates

After community consensus I will submit pull request to NSI with changes in theirs templates. Summary is following:

delete: Eurobank (Poland), Pekao SA, Raiffeisen Polbank;

edit: PEKAO SA is duplicate of Bank Pekao and Bank Pekao is brand used by bank in real life. BGŻ BNP Paribas now uses BNP Paribas name.

This is one time task, that may be run again, but requires human intervention to run. I will use JOSM and set of filters to edit OSM.

Bank brands in Poland

This list is derived from NSI.

Brand name NSI link Proper tags Overpass query number of objects to change
Alior Bank [1]
nw["amenity"="bank"]["name"~"^(bank )*alior( bank)*$", i];
change: 161
Bank BPS [2]
nw["amenity"="bank"]["name"~"^(bank )*BPS( bank)*$", i];
change: 38
Bank Pekao [3]
nw["amenity"="bank"]["name"~"^(bank )*PEKAO( bank)*.*", i];
nw["amenity"="bank"]["name"~".*PKO S.*A.*", i];
change: 368
BGŻ BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas Bank Polska

(nw["amenity"="bank"]["name"~"^(bank )*BGŻ( bank)*.*", i];
nw["amenity"="bank"]["name"~"^(bank )*BNP( bank)*.*", i];
nw["amenity"="bank"]["name"~"^(bank )*Paribas*( bank)*.*", i];);
change: 166
BOC [5] Review manually
China Construction Bank [6] Review manually
Eurobank (Poland) [7] Not existing since 2019 delete: 21
Getin Bank [8]
nw["amenity"="bank"]["name"~"^(bank )*getin( bank)*$", i](area.searchArea);
change: 88
ICBC [9] Review manually
ING Bank Śląski [10]
nw["amenity"="bank"]["name"~"^(bank )*ing( bank)*$", i](area.searchArea);
change: 140
Kasa Stefczyka [11] It's not a bank. Not changing anything
mBank [12]
nw["amenity"="bank"]["name"~"^(bank )*mbank( bank)*.*", i];
change: 48
Millennium Bank [13]
nw["amenity"="bank"]["name"~"^(bank )*mill*enium( bank)*.*", i];
change: 44
Nest Bank [14]
nw["amenity"="bank"]["name"~"^(bank )*nest( bank)*.*", i]
change: 63
OTP Bank [15] Not present in Poland
Pekao SA [16] Should be moved to Bank Pekao
PKO BP [17]
nw["amenity"="bank"]["name"~"^(bank )*PKO( bank)*( BP)*( bank)*.*$", i];
I will exclude "name"~".*PKO S.* *A.* *.*" before editing.

change: 570
Raiffeisen Polbank [18] Not existing since 2018
  nw["amenity"="bank"]["name"~"^(bank )*Raiffeisen( bank)*.*", i](area.searchArea);
  nw["amenity"="bank"]["name"~"^(bank )*Polbank.*$", i](area.searchArea);
delete: 54