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Symbol for featured images

Since 2016, OpenStreetMap Awards are given to outstanding members, projects, and organisations.

There are also featured images used for outstanding images that are created within the OSM community, which are picked and displayed on the Main Page as a Featured image.

Former Awards

There were five awards for people for outstanding contributions to OSM. They are the following:

Image Name Description
Lolcat.png Lolcat of awesomeness The Lolcat of awesomeness is awarded to people who have done something awesome. Similar to the North Star, but more cute. It was plastered on the front page, and was awarded every now and then. The last award took place in November 2013.
Megastar.png Mega Star The Mega Star is rewarded to people who have uploaded 1,000,000 track points, which they have collected and used towards the development of OSM maps.

Mega Star recipients

Nstar.png North Star The North Star has been awarded to people who have either completed all the roads within a District, Small County, Large town or City; or for people that have solved a big problem for everyone within OSM.

North Star recipients

SuperStar.png Super Star The Super Star is awarded to people who have given an outstanding contribution to the OSM project, such that without their contribution OSM would not be what it is.

Super Star recipients

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