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BOINC is a distributed computing platform to support quite different projects that need a lot of computing power, starting from SETI to rendering Creative Commons 3D movies.

From a external view, OSM would be a brilliant job for distributed computing, as:

  • mappers that enter data would be happy to help on renderning this data
  • mappers are interested in helping their local region

As Tiles@home got problems for hosting and is even currently quite hard to install and the usual osmarender map style not that accepted, this step could be used to solve this problems.


wikipedia:BOINC shows the modules of the framework, that had to be adapted for a OSM specific project

project client

Runs on the enduser PCs and has to include

project server

  • Scheduler
  • Datenserver
  • Validator
  • Assimilator
  • File-Deleter
  • Transitioner


From OSM point of view:

  • update tiles 10-20mins
  • support multiple map styles


OSM is a bit different from usual projects running on BOINC:

  • raw data changes high frequently
  • dataset is very large for single step global processing
  • output can be in multiple map styles and formats (raster/SVG)
  • thousands of tiles are hard to transfer