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This page handles the drawing of buildings in the Cameroun Ouest region, near Bafoussam and Bamendjou according to the Bad imports procedure. It is related to the landuse import in the same region as it happened only a few days later, in the same region, and references the same "ENEO".

It is however unsure that this is an import, or just an organised mapping from imagery.

Issues with the data

Lack of data quality

As far as I could see, the data is ok

but poor quality of uploaded data - duplicated objects : - many orphaned nodes

Lack of discussion

Similarly to the landuse import, there's no discussion or documentation whatsoever, but this also wouldn't be needed when it's no import.

License of the data

As with the landuse import, the name "ENEO" is the only clue. Given that it points to an energy company, I wonder if it is legal data or not.

Contacted users involved with the import

Other users not contacted, as they were before the landuse import, so probably unrelated to it

Possible fix

Not a bad import, only looked bad due to the landuse import.